Photo Of Trump In Oval Office Surfaces, Haters Notice One Detail That Sets Them Off

After a photo surfaced of President Donald Trump holding a meeting in the Oval Office, haters soon noticed one detail that set them all off. However, once you see the cause of their outrage, it becomes obvious that they are looking for any reason to attack Trump. Sad.

Photo Of Trump In Oval Office Surfaces, Haters Notice One Detail That Sets Them Off
President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump has had a busy week and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, while hosting a meeting in the Oval Office to promote the recently passed tax reform package, several photos were taken of him getting down to business. However, one particular photo has garnered some additional attention after haters noticed one “disturbing” detail that set them off.

There’s nothing spectacular about the photo itself. In fact, it’s just a snapshot of Trump’s meeting with seven representatives of companies that have passed on the benefits that they received from his tax cuts to their employees. Clearly, Trump’s just doing is his job, but as soon as his haters saw one photo, they noticed something on his shirt that “didn’t belong,” according to them.

Come to find out, President Donald Trump was wearing a custom-made shirt with the number “45” embroidered in navy blue on one of the cuffs, according to Daily Mail. Unfortunately, certain people in our country have declared this to be a problem.

Photo Of Trump In Oval Office Surfaces, Haters Notice One Detail That Sets Them Off
President Trump’s embroidered “45” shirt cuff (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

They’ve turned to the Internet to share their outrage about the custom shirt. “Oh don’t be stupid DM … it’s not his presidential number. It’s his IQ, written on his sleeve, so he doesn’t forget it,” one rude Daily Mail reader sarcastically exclaimed.

“I’m just surprised he hasn’t tattooed it across his forehead, yet,” another stated.

“Tacky, ignorant and arrogant. Exactly what is it that you like about him?!?” yet another questioned, while someone else rudely stated, “Trump has 45 embroidered on his cuffs. I keep my IQ and BMI private.”

There isn’t anything wrong with the pride that President Donald Trump has for his job as Commander-in-Chief. It took a lot of ambition, dedication, and old-fashioned hard work to get where he is today.

He’s had to fight off political wolves since the moment he announced that he was going to run for President and still managed to come out on top. Without a doubt, he has something to be proud of. And, who knows, maybe he didn’t have anything to do with the “45” embroidered on his cuff. Perhaps it was something done for him by someone who’s proud of him. Either way, it’s not hurting anyone.

Trump is no stranger to custom clothing, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life that you worked hard for. He was rich before he became president, and how he spends his money is no one else’s concern. He has money to spend, and he can do it on anything he wants, including custom embroidered shirts.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time that Trump has been seen with a custom printed “45” on his attire. Trump was photographed wearing a baseball cap with the number 45 emblazoned across it shortly after he was elected back in November 2016, and of course, his haters had a problem with that too. But, maybe the “45” isn’t a statement of achievement but a constant reminder of his responsibility. Every time he sees it, he’s reminded of the oath he took. As long as he fulfills that to the best of his ability, which he has been doing, I’m not going to worry about what’s on his clothes.

Regardless of what he’s wearing, he is the 45th president of the United States. If he wants to display his presidential number on his sleeve or a hat, whatever the reason behind it may be, it shouldn’t concern anyone else. Wouldn’t you think that it’s better to have a president who is openly proud of his position than to have one who doesn’t understand the significance of it? I know I think so. It’s time for people to grow up — as long as he looks professional, he can dress however he likes.

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