Photographer SHOCKED By Who’s Seen Next To Hillary During ‘Drunk’ Outing

Declaring that she was “ready to come out of the woods,” Hillary Clinton decided to make a public appearance for St. Patrick’s Day. There were many photographers keeping a close eye on her, and at least one was shocked to see who was standing nearby, which prompted them to snap a quick picture.

Hillary has been hiding her physical ailments for quite some time, but it seems that she’s less cautious about being exposed as unhealthy since losing the election. Although her campaign was plagued by reports of a “handler,” employed by Hillary to ensure the woman stayed healthy and standing at all times while in the public eye, that man has since faded into the background and hasn’t been seen since.

However, it seems that about 6 months later, Hillary is done pouting over the devastating loss and is ready to rear her ugly head once again. Most recently declaring that she is “ready to come out of the woods,” it seems that Hillary is in desperate need of donor cash and decided to make a public appearance in Pennsylvania with the Society of Irish Women.

Unfortunately for her, things didn’t exactly go according to plan as at least one photographer managed to capture something she likely didn’t want anyone to notice. As depicted in the image, many are claiming that Hillary’s “mystery handler” has officially returned:

When Hillary Clinton gave a speech to a women’s group in Pennsylvania on Friday, aide Huma Abedin and her “mystery handler” were close by.

A photographer captured Clinton being helped through the crowd by two leaders of the Society of Irish Women. One had her hand under Clinton’s elbow while the other was grasping Hillary’s upper arm. [Source: The American Mirror]

Although it’s a different person, the clear act of assistance was one frequently seen in the past:

Of course, some people have simply suggested that Hillary may have had a bit too much to drink, considering the essence of the holiday. In addition, previous reports have indicated that Hillary does like to heavily indulge in alcohol, meaning that she could have simply needed assistance standing because she was slightly drunk – but that doesn’t make things much better.

Whether it be by physical impairment or inability to control herself around alcohol, Hillary Clinton has made it perfectly clear that she is and always was unfit to hold the nation’s highest office. When you need someone walking around right next to you to ensure that you don’t fall on your face in front of everyone, that doesn’t bode much confidence in a person to be of sound mind or able to face the riggers of a stressful position.

Hillary certainly did lie about a number of things during her campaign, but this may have been the most dangerous as she potentially put our entire nation at risk as her actions could have left our country, at times, with a president unfit to properly lead. Thankfully, we dodged that bullet.

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