Disturbing Phrases In Podesta Emails Point To Hillary Crew Speaking In Code

The John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks have led many to the same conclusion. Hillary Clinton is as corrupt as they come, but there’s something else. Her crew spends a peculiar amount of time talking about food, but many of the food-related phrases don’t make sense in context. This has caused an internet firestorm as many allege Hillary and company are speaking in some kind of code — and the speculation is disturbing.

On Wednesday, an internet sleuth on Reddit accurately tied human trafficker Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge, to the Clintons. However, since then, others have made a more sinister discovery, tying all of the disgusting pieces together. Be forewarned, this story is not for the faint of heart.

Heavily laced with references to food, I remember mentioning to a friend that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and the focus of the leaked emails, speaks about food oddly often. In fact, it seemed to be almost daily. A simple word search for things like “pasta” or “sauce” will yield an abnormal amount of results on the WikiLeaks website. However, the speculated reason for all the food references is so disgusting and perverted that it is stomach churning. Many internet sleuths and researchers believe that much like drug dealers, the Clinton camp is speaking in code and using food terms to describe pedophilia. 

Replacing certain words with other terms, as indicated in the tweet above, the Clinton camp’s strange food discussions leave us sickened by the picture it paints. Could WikiLeaks be showing us an underground child sex ring for the elite Democrats in America? Here’s one that could be immensely disturbing:

Email about "walnut sauce"
Email about “walnut sauce”

Unfortunately, this is far from the only email in which these Democrats discuss food in a way that makes little sense until you consider the speculation of speaking in code. If the pedophilia code words above are accurate, this email is also sickening.

Another coded food message found in the Podesta emails leaked by WikiLeaks.
Another coded food message found in the Podesta emails leaked by WikiLeaks with “hotdog” allegedly meaning “little boy.”

Typing “pizza” into the search also yields odd results, including images of Asian women and girls eating pizza. The infamous Huma Abedin is even included in this particular email thread. The body of the email reads, “As John said, it doesn’t get any better than this.” To which another man named Justin Cooper responds, “Nice.”

Since the mainstream media is doing everything in their power to avoid dissecting the Podesta emails to protect Hillary Clinton and her corrupt campaign, the task of research has fallen on those who seek the truth about Hillary. This could be the biggest cover-up in American history, should the discovery of human trafficking and pedophilia rings be validated by the FBI.

Not much should surprise anyone anymore when reading these emails. It was obvious from the beginning that the constant food references were code for something.

Based on the breakdown of words, this is possibly one of the most disgusting emails in the bunch.

Another disturbing email using odd food code words. Map could meand "semen" and pizza-realed could meand "little girl"
Another disturbing email using odd food code words. Map could mean “semen” and pizza-related could mean “little girl.”

After all of the emails are released and the FBI concludes their investigation, hopefully, it puts all these disgusting people behind bars for good. This is nothing short of horrifying. Remember, it’s only a conspiracy theory until it’s proven. Unfortunately, most of the “conspiracy theories” surrounding the Clintons are ending up true.

H/T [WeAreChange.org]