As First Family Steps Off Plane, Melania Spots Jaw-Dropping Sign About Michelle Obama

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As the country prepares for the upcoming holiday, the First Family made their way to Florida to spend Thanksgiving together. When they arrived at the airport, they never expected to find so many people greeting them. However, it only took Melania one second before spotting a sign in the crowd with a jaw-dropping message about Michelle Obama.

As First Family Steps Off Plane, Melania Spots Sign In Crowd With Six Jaw-Dropping Words
President Donald Trump and Melania Trump (left), the crowd with the sign (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Barron Trump all left Washington, D.C., to spend the Thanksgiving holiday together at their Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Upon finally arriving at the airport after what was reportedly a stressful flight full of turbulence, they were all-too-eager to exit the plane.

As soon as they made their way down the stairs, they instantly realized that there was a crowd of people welcoming them back. Melania quickly spotted a sign meant to get her attention in the crowd, and with just one sentence, the First Lady was left jaw-dropped.

In video footage capturing the Trumps’ arrival in Florida, the large gathering of people can be heard cheering and clapping for the First Family’s arrival. Although the First Lady seems quite shy, she didn’t hesitate to grin from ear-to-ear as soon as she saw the jaw-dropping sign meant to catch her attention, which read, “Melania, thank you for bringing elegance back to the White House!” — an inadvertent slam to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

As First Family Steps Off Plane, Melania Spots Sign In Crowd With Six Jaw-Dropping Words
The sign (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Clearly, Melania enjoyed the compliment and was very grateful for it. Only further proving the sign’s words to be true, the Trumps made their way over to the crowd and momentarily talked to their supporters — something they always make time to do. In fact, many people on social media were impressed with what they saw and weren’t afraid to express their gratitude.

“I’m proud of my fellow Americans. Taking time out to say Thank you Mr and Mrs. And son. President. Seriously. I’ve never seen this all of my life,” one person stated, while another said, “Thank you Florida for such a warm welcome to our President and his family.” Yet another user complimented the First Family directly by saying, “That was a bit heartwarming, even if dead tired, they greet the people! That is, classy!”

Trump supporters aren’t afraid to show their patriotism. Obviously, they took the time out of their busy schedules to not only make signs but to meet the First Family as they arrived in Florida for the holiday. It shows the president just how much support he and his family have, regardless of what the mainstream media might be saying at the moment.

The future of our country is only going to become more promising the longer this classy family is in office. Not only are people starting to notice the positive influence Trump is having on the nation, but they’re learning just how elegant and respectful Melania is as well.

Our nation is in good hands, and it’s a shame that the worst critics of our president are living in this country. In fact, one social media user said it best: “God is doing awesome things through this POTUS and his family. We are starting to see the morals of our country being acknowledged for the sins they are. With continued prayers, we might get back to being a God-fearing country again.”

If the people on the left would just open their eyes, they would see that God had a plan and that President Donald Trump truly is the answer. He is already solving many of the problems that Barack Obama and his administration not only couldn’t solve but actually created. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, one thing many of us are grateful for is having a President and First Family who are worthy of our appreciation.