[WATCH] After New Plane Lands, Staff Disgusted At What Muslims Left Behind

An airline was recently pleased to announce the addition of a brand new luxury airplane to their fleet. However, things took a turn for the worse on the very first flight when Muslims quickly invaded the aircraft, leaving the staff sickened to see what the nasty Islamists left behind after landing.

[WATCH] After New Plane Lands, Staff Horrified At What Muslims Left Behind
Saudi Arabian Airlines newest addition, the Airbus A330-300
We seem to live in a time of luxury, where comfort always seems to come first. With just that in mind, companies are always on the lookout to appease this mindset and find new ways to lure customers in for the latest and greatest.

Among those is Saudi Arabian Airlines, which recently announced the addition of their latest creation — the new Airbus A330-300 Regional. With cushy, comfy seats and a wide variety of other amenities, the airline was more than pleased to recently have its first flight – but not everyone was.

Saudi Arabia has about a 99% Muslim population, and since the airline mostly services the country that bears its name, most of the passengers belong to the religion of Islam. Unfortunately, it only took one flight to ruin everything after the staff was horrified to see what the Muslims had left behind after the plane landed.

According to reports, a video taken on the very first flight of the new luxury aircraft shows the kind of uncivilized and disgusting culture that consumes members of the outdated religion. Sadly, the smell was the least of everyone’s concern.

As seen in the clip, trash littered the walkway because the entitled Muslim passengers didn’t want to wait for the flight attendants to come around with garbage bags. Instead, they just threw all their garbage on the floor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the videographer made his way to the bathrooms.

There were towels at the bottom of the restroom door for reasons soon to be exposed. After opening the door, it was revealed that the disgusting animals had pissed and crapped everywhere, except inside the toilet. Although Muslims like to squat to use the bathroom and highly detest the technological advancement of the toilet, this is ridiculous.

[WATCH] After New Plane Lands, Staff Horrified At What Muslims Left Behind
The disgusting mess left by Muslims on the very first flight
It appears as if the filthy Islamists decided to squat in the corner to defecate on the floor. As a result, the liquid and solid waste had leaked its way under the door and outside the bathroom into the passenger cabin.

If all that wasn’t gross enough, it looks like some of the idiots on board tried to use the bathroom as it was intended but failed spectacularly as there was crap all over the toilet. Clearly, this was a hard problem for the little minds of Muslims to solve.

The right has been warning the left about how uncivilized and barbaric the religion of Islam is at the core, but this might prove it more than anything else can. If they can’t manage to evacuate their bowels inside something meant to keep everyone clean, then one can only wonder if there’s any hope. This is beyond disgusting, and personally, I feel the worst for the unfortunate staff members who had to clean up what these disgusting savages left behind.

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