GRAPHIC VIDEO: Wannabe Badass Points Gun At Cops, Learns His Big Mistake Way Too Late

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Wannabe Badass Points Gun At Cops, Learns His Big Mistake Way Too Late
Images of shootout between Officers Tyler Hebb and Brandon Foster and William Alfredo Chafoya

A thug trying to flee from police recently got the bright idea to point the gun he was holding at the officers pursuing him in hopes that the threat would allow him to get away. Too bad for this moron, he learned a brutal lesson just moments later – but by then, he was realizing the big mistake he had just made way too late.

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, the incident took place last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, after police were called to a non-fatal shooting involving a man on a bicycle. Come to find out, the gunman responsible had sped off in a stolen Honda, which police would later find driving down the road.

After seeing that the man in the driver’s seat matched the description of the shooting suspect, they decided to pull him over – but that’s when things took a turn. As the driver, later identified as 37-year-old William Alfredo Chafoya, sped off, Officers Tyler Hebb, 35, and Brandon Foster, 22, chased after them until Chafoya and his female passenger hopped out of the car.

Unfortunately, the situation would only get worse from there as the suspected shooter then removed a handgun from his waistband and fired at least one shot into the air, then turned toward the officers. Seeing that the first shot didn’t scare the cops away, Chafoya then fired 5 shots in the direction of the pursuing officers. Too bad for him, he was about to learn why this was the biggest mistake he could have ever possibly made.

All caught on the officers’ body cameras and a nearby surveillance camera, the attempted cop killer was shot 19 times by police and dropped to the ground. As can be seen in the graphic video, it looks like at least one of the rounds hit a large artery in Chafoya’s leg as it was pouring blood onto the concrete.

Fortunately for the thug, it seems that defending themselves wasn’t the only thing these officers were good at as they administered first aid techniques they had previously learned. Without a second thought, Officer Hebb grabbed a tourniquet from around his ankle and placed it around the man’s leg which would effectively save the suspect’s life.

The female passenger was also struck in the arm by a round as she was caught in the crossfire. Both were quickly taken to an area hospital for treatment where they are both in stable condition, Blue Lives Matter reports.

Currently, Officers Hebb and Foster are on administrative leave as is customary procedure after a shooting like this. Of course, seeing how they saved this man’s life – who effectively rendered his own irrelevant the second he started firing at police – it’s probably safe to say they’ll be back on the job in no time.

Although the left likes to demonize police, it is cases like these that prove why they deserve our utmost respect. It takes a special kind of person to put on a gun and defend society from the evil that lurks within – especially knowing there are thugs like Chafoya willing to take their lives around every corner.