Wannabe Badass Points Gun At Face For ‘Prank,’ Pays In WORST Possible Way

With the rise of social media, the world has seen a slew of idiots willing to do whatever it takes to get internet famous. Proving just that is a moron who decided to point a paintball gun at his face for a YouTube “stunt” – and he paid dearly for his stupidity in the worst possible way.

Wannabe Badass Points Gun At Face For ‘Prank,’ Pays In WORST Possible Way
(Photo Source: YouTube)

Not too many people have heard about Zach Holmes, a new YouTube idiot looking for fame, but his name is on the rise — but not for good reasons. Trying to ride the coattails of successful prank shows like Jackass, this badass wannabe has taken to performing completely ridiculous and painful stunts for the sake of Internet glory.

Unfortunately for him, it looks like he most recently bit off a little bit more than he can chew – literally. After deciding to take a paintball to the face, Zach simply pointed a gun at his face and pull the trigger.

Clearly not thinking about what he was doing – as paintballers are required to wear a mask for good reason – he did as he set out to do and paid dearly for his neglect. As can be seen in the video of the ordeal, everything went as expected until, that is, it was revealed that it actually went so much worse than he ever expected.

After shooting himself in the face, Zach ran to the bathroom where he proceeded to spit out quite a bit of blood into the sink. As it turns out, he actually knocked out one of his front teeth that rocketed into the back of his mouth and down his throat.

Although the video was shot just before Christmas, it has taken until now for it to gain traction after being posted to World Star Hip Hop. Of course, after people saw the sheer stupidity behind the clip – and Zach getting exactly what he deserved – it has since gone viral and is still on the rise.

Wannabe Badass Points Gun At Face For ‘Prank,’ Pays In WORST Possible Way
(Source: YouTube)

With information being shared around the globe at the blink of an eye, all it takes is just one dumb moment for the entire world to know who you are. Sadly, there are some out there so desperate to reach that status that they’ll do whatever it takes – even if it means risking their wellbeing.

Although social media has its benefits, there will always be those out there trying to abuse it for personal gain. For all the other idiots out there like Zach, thinking about doing something this dumb, do yourself a favor and resist the temptation. My guess is, these moments will be an embarrassment to him when he gets older. Beyond that, spare yourself some trouble since you never know what future implications being this stupid can have on your health.

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