Police Chief Slams Diamond Reynolds, Exposes 4 Lies Americans Need To Know

Minnesota Police Chief Rick Mathwig is fed-up with the lies that Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds is telling about the shooting of Philando Castile. He could no longer stay silent as he watched the mainstream media repeat lie after lie and present them as facts. Now, he has broken his silence, exposing four huge lies Reynolds has been touting as truth, and all Americans need to know this shocking new information.

Reynold’s daughter with police (left), Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds (middle), Police Chief Rick Mathwig (right)

What has already come to light in the Philando Castile shooting is that he was stopped due to a BOLO (Be On Look Out) alert because he matched the description of a robbery suspect at a convenience store in the area. It’s also known from images taken from Reynolds’ video that it looks like he had a gun on his lap, but the only testimony we have to go on is that of his sometimes girlfriend Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds. Unfortunately, she has been found to be a liar and a fraud.

Rick Mathwig is Police Chief in Roseville, Minnesota, which was the police department that responded to the scene after Philando Castile was shot. His officers took over the scene and took custody of Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter.

During a CNN interview yesterday, Chief Mathwig exposed Reynolds’ lies, shredding her account of what happened after the shooting. Reynolds’ story differs from time to time, which makes all her claims suspect, and the day after the shooting, she was again on video, whipping up the media and Black Lives Matter thugs into a frenzy with her lies. However, Chief Mathwig is now calling her out.

According to Police Chief Mathwig:

• Officers started administering CPR three minutes after arriving at the scene, trying to save Castile’s life, Mathwig says. “It hurt me to hear the governor of Minnesota saying that Mr. Castile did not receive CPR,” he says.

• Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s fiancée, who recorded the shooting aftermath in a Facebook Live video, wasn’t detained by police all night, Mathwig says. The police chief says she was held for about two hours in what’s called a “soft interview room” because it also contains toys, books, and blankets.

• Mathwig says investigators did what they could to help Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter. One officer took $40 out of his wallet to pay for her groceries left in the car. Before dropping her off at home, Mathwig says an officer gave the child a teddy bear.

• Ms. Reynolds said she was Philando Castile’s financée, but that’s false. Ms. Reynolds said Philando was 35-years-old, that’s false (he’s 32). Ms. Reynolds said the head light was broken, that’s false.  Ms. Reynolds says she was kept overnight by police, that’s false. [via Conservative Treehouse]

Below, she is seen the day after the shooting, lying about the cops who took her into custody:

Her other crazy lies involve the officer’s statements following the shooting. The officer clearly said in the video, “F**k, I told him not to not to reach for it, I told him to get his hands off of it.” Officer Yanez was referring to the gun on Castile’s lap. However, she wanted us to believe that he was talking about Castile’s wallet.

Reynolds said, “They had machine guns pointed at my back.” Of course, this is a blatant lie as evidenced by her own video, which shows one officer taking her into custody, doing a routine procedure. There is nothing extraordinary about how Reynolds was taken into custody.

Diamond Reynolds smokes pot in front of daughter (left), her daughter held by police as Reynolds is taken into custody, note: no machine guns (right)

We consulted a 25-year veteran detective who is confident based on the video and other evidence that the shooting of Castile by Officer Yanez will be found to be within the guidelines and protocols as a lawful shooting.

Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds is the worst type of liar, and her own mother calls her a “narcissistic Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat junkie.” She has singlehandedly caused a firestorm of protests across the country and five Dallas cops are dead all because Reynolds wanted 15 minutes of fame and a fat “GoFundMe” account that has over $56,000 donated to it.

In the weeks to come, be ready to have the whole truth come out, and all we can hope is that Reynolds is charged with obstructing an investigation and lying to the police. She needs to be held accountable for the many lives she has destroyed and lives that will be destroyed in the future as the Black Lives Matter thugs continue their violent protests. Shame on Barck Obama, Diamond Reynolds, and all others who continue to lie to the American people for their own agenda.

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