Police Conduct Welfare Check on Elderly Woman, What They Find Will Turn Your Stomach

North Carolina police entered the home of Donna Sue Hudgins to check up on her 93-year-old mother. After strange reports had come in, they were forced to conduct a welfare check. What they found inside the woman’s home is nothing short of horrifying.

Police conducted a welfare check at Donna Sue Hudgins’ home. They were not pleased with what they found. (Photo Credit: Enfield Police Department/Facebook, Enfield Police Department/Facebook)

Donna Sue Hudgins was keeping a secret. Her mother, Nellie May, hadn’t been seen in a long while. Family members tried to look in on her but were turned away. When asked, Donna Sue claimed her 93-year-old mother was asleep and couldn’t come to the door.

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Neighbors were alerted to odd smells coming from the home. But, like most neighbors, they dismissed it, thinking it was the sewer. Most people don’t expect the worst from someone they’ve lived beside for years.

Then came the cryptic and misleading message Donna Sue sent to a local funeral home. When they pressed for more information, they learned nothing. Growing deeply concerned, they contacted the police.

Enfield police conducted a welfare check, to look in on the elderly woman and her daughter. That’s when they discovered something totally unexpected and disturbing.

An Enfield woman kept her mother’s body at home for months after death because she was “curious about the stages of death,” Enfield Police Chief Tyree Davis said.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Enfield police said Donna Sue Hudgins, 69, went to a funeral home to report that her mother, 93-year-old Nellie May Hudgins, had passed away but that she did not know where emergency responders had taken the body, Davis said.

Funeral home employees tried to locate the elder Hudgins, but were unsuccessful. The funeral home then contacted the Enfield Police Department, which sent officers to the home…

Officers said Hudgins had been dead for several months. [Source: The News & Observer]

You have to wonder what the police were thinking when they reached the woman’s home. I’m not sure anything could have prepared them for what was waiting for them.

It’s pretty disturbing to think a woman of any age would hold onto the corpse of her mother. She didn’t do it out of grief or some kind of fear of letting go. According to police, she simply wanted to watch the stages of death.

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The real worrisome aspect of this case is the numerous warning signs. But people didn’t push hard enough to discover the truth.

Kenny Velasquez, who is separated from Nellie Hudgins’ granddaughter, said that family members had tried to see Nellie Hudgins but that Donna Hudgins made excuses.

“Every time somebody would stop by, she would meet us at the door, say she’s asleep or something like that,” Velasquez said. “Apparently every time someone would call, same thing.” [Source: WRAL]

If she was doing that every time, perhaps another family member should have done something. I know if my aunt was trying to keep me away from my grandmother, I’d press a little harder to find the truth.

Then there were the neighbors.

Some neighbors, like Edna Burgess, said Tuesday that there were warning signs.

Burgess said her daughter had smelled an odor outside.

“I still didn’t pay it no mind,” she said. “I thought maybe it was a sewer or something.” [Source: WRAL]

The least the neighbor could have done was knock on the door and find out if everything was okay. When a putrid smell is leaching from a nearby house, that’s never a good thing. Sewage or not, she should have gotten involved.

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The takeaway should be obvious. We should always be alert of our surroundings and neighbors. Next time, a life might be on the line.