Police Find Sick Surprise In Druggie’s Bra, But What She Hid Between Her Legs Was Worse

After police in Illinois pulled over a speeding car, they immediately knew something was impairing the judgment of the people inside the vehicle. It didn’t take long for them to notice the drugs in the vehicle and immediately arrest the passengers. Once they took the suspects back to the station, they learned that one druggie had quite the sick surprise in her bra, but what she had hidden between her legs was way worse.

Police Find Sick Surprise In Druggy's Bra, But What She Hid Between Her Legs Was Way Worse
Amika Witt (left), stock image for the visual representation of a strip search (right) (Photo Credit: McLean County Jail, Screengrab/YouTube)

Amika Witt, 20, and her friend, Clinton McDonald, 29, were spotted by Chenoa police while driving 90 mph on I-55 in Illinois. As soon as police approached the car and began to converse with the duo, they immediately knew something was off. After a quick search of the car, they found ecstasy and immediately arrested the pair. Unfortunately, things would only go from bad to worse when they began to book them at the station.

Because of the drug charge, a complete body search was required. During Witt’s strip search at McLean County Jail, police found quite the sick surprise inside her bra – heroin. However, the worst was yet to come. When the female officer continued the search, she discovered what the woman had hidden between her legs. Inside of the druggie’s vagina was a 13-ounce Kimber .380 handgun, according to Daily Mail. But, that’s not all.

“The gun had a fully loaded magazine and a bullet in the chamber ready to fire,” Assistant State’s Attorney Layne Roberts explained. Witt is lucky that the gun didn’t go off while it was stashed inside of her or when the officer was doing the search.

Witt has since been charged with armed violence for possessing a weapon during the alleged commission of a felony and while in possession of drugs, as well as being charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Her friend, McDonald, was also charged with unlawful possession of heroin with the intent to deliver and possession of ecstasy. Witt’s bail was set at $40,035, while McDonald was released on $20,035 bail, according to World Wide Weird News.

Drug users are often willing to do desperate things not to get caught breaking the law. Unfortunately, this means that women often use their private area as a place to stash the stuff that they want to keep hidden. Although it’s nasty, it’s also a common occurrence that not only puts officers at risk but makes unpleasant things like cavity searches necessary. Police officers know that this is too often the case and are forced to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe and catch the criminal in the act – even if it means doing a strip search.

You would think that these druggies would eventually learn that their “secret” location for hiding their illegal items isn’t so secret. In fact, it’s well-known, and shoving things up there does them no good. It just gives officers a dirty job. Here’s a hint, if you are shoving 13-ounce items into your body, you have a problem and should seek help. The law is the least of your worries.

These addicts have a special kind of sickness. They don’t care who they harm, even if it’s themselves, so they certainly don’t care about the innocent people that get caught up in their crimes. They need off our streets, and law enforcement needs to be applauded for taking the necessary steps to make that happen, doing a job most of us would never want to do — like checking inside a criminal’s vagina.

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