Police Go To War Against Anti-Cop Beyoncé, Just Gave Her More Bad News

It seems police across the country are fed up with Beyoncé’s anti-cop rhetoric. The cop-bashing superstar is reaping what she’s sown, as she continues to get more bad news from law enforcement.

The police cruiser in her “Formation” video isn’t the only thing sinking, and just like what’s depicted, Beyoncé’s going down with it. After officers declined to work her Tampa concert, another city’s police force is sending a strong, clear message, and things aren’t looking good for the Black Lives Matter supporter. This department is taking things one step further, fighting back against the cop-hater. Lucky for her, we have the perfect solution to her woes.

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From Beyonce's Formation video
From Beyonce’s Formation video

Fox 411 reports, “The Miami Fraternal Order of Police released a press release Thursday stating that they are planning to boycott Beyoncé’s concert in April and are urging others to do the same. This comes after a controversial Super Bowl performance when Queen B alluded to the Black Panther movement.”

This comes on the heels of Tampa Police Department officers coming forward to admit they are hesitant to work her concert scheduled for April 29th. While it is typical for off-duty law enforcement officers to agree to work concerts and sporting events for some extra income, the request to work Beyoncé’s upcoming event at Raymond James Stadium is blank, meaning not even one officer has voluntarily agreed to do it.

In the press release by the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, President Javier Oritz explained, “The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her antipolice message shows how she does not support law enforcement, we ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of her concerts.”

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From Beyonce's Formation Video
From Beyonce’s Formation Video

The Miami concert is actually set to take place prior to the Tampa event, but thanks to her recently released music video for “Formation,” which has been deemed to send an anti-cop message, she’s now 0 for 2, and it’s well deserved. However, there’s a simple solution.

If Beyoncé truly believes that the police are the black community’s greatest threat and not each other, I say we give them all the safety they need by keeping the allegedly racist police, who they insist are out to do them harm, as far away as possible. Then, let’s just see what happens.

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She’s welcome to hire her own private security, and since she likes to promote the lies of the Black Lives Matter movement, founded on the justified shooting of Michael Brown, I suggest she give the good people of Ferguson the chance to earn a little extra income. Let the looters she seems to love staff her event.

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