Politician Offers Entitled Migrants Something That Has Them FLEE IN DROVES

Fed up with thousands of economic migrants burdening taxpayers, a conservative politician realized that liberal lawmakers wouldn’t allow him to completely ban refugees. So, he cleverly came up with a plan to instead offer the migrants something that would incredibly have them willingly leaving in droves.

Politician Offers Entitled Migrants Something That Has Them FLEE IN DROVES
When Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka (left) realized he couldn’t ban refugees without being fined by the EU, he cleverly concocted a plan to make the migrants leave on their own accord. (Photo Source: Heute, The Atlantic)

While banning asylum seekers would certainly help European countries protect their values, struggling economies, and citizens, leftists simply refuse these nations the right to defend their borders. The left-leaning European Union (EU) imposes hefty fines on countries that refuse to accept their fair share of Muslim refugees, regardless of the massive migrant crime wave sweeping the continent.

Knowing that he couldn’t outright ban asylum seekers without facing crippling penalties against his already burdened country, Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka used his political prowess to get fake refugees to leave on their own accord — and it could not be more brilliant.

According to the Express, Austrian officials have agreed to draft a law that denies asylum seekers the entitlement to the country’s benefits and forces them to not only prove that they’re legitimate refugees but also work for their welfare. Those who fail will be punished with fines and prison time. 

The new legislation seeks to relieve taxpayers by imposing large fines and prison sentences for migrants who lie about their identity or refugee status, as well as refusing asylum and benefits to those found to have falsified their documents.

In an address worthy of a standing ovation, Sobotka told the media that refugees are not entitled to that which the taxpayers have earned and that they must follow Austrian laws and values, adding that the bill will encourage refugees to leave on their own.

“The first thing is basically that they don’t get anything from the Austrian state if they don’t have the right to stay here. Is that so hard to understand?” Sobotka told reporters.

According to Deutsche Welle, the law will introduce fines of between $5,300 and $15,900 for asylum seekers who remain in Austria once their refugee status is denied. They may also be detained for a maximum period of 18 months for offenses including lying about their ages and identities.

Sobotka reiterated that authorities will immediately stop providing what equates to food stamps and free housing to asylum seekers whose claims have been rejected, forcing them to either sustain themselves like the taxpayers are required to do or leave the country.

Sobotka referred to 4,000 migrants who have been denied asylum status but still receive taxpayer-funded benefits. Of course, although those migrants were found to have lied about their need for asylum, they had no reason to obey the law since they were still rewarded with welfare.

Currently, these failed refugees are enjoying free housing, food, and medical treatment, which neither military veterans nor homeless citizens are given. Most of these migrants are Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, and not from war-torn nations as the media claim.

In addition, Austria has erected a massive border fence and toughened security in an attempt to stop Muslim migrants from entering from the Balkans. Migrants are passing up numerous safe countries for the glorious European benefits in the West but refusing to integrate or even contribute to the economy.

Although stubborn liberals refuse to acknowledge that the refugee crisis is having a catastrophic effect on Europe, the statistics prove otherwise. As of March 1, 2017, 57.7 percent of refugees are men, while only 25.5 percent are children and 16.8 are women. As disturbingly lopsided as this is, it’s more leveled out than when the refugee crisis first exploded, during which nearly 75 percent of all asylum seekers were adult males.

Like any of the dozens of Muslim countries that are turning away Islamic migrants, these Western Christian nations have the right to defend their border from migrants who despise their values, abhor their laws, and seek to wipe out their religions. Sadly, the Western world is so progressive and accepting that it’s often willing to tolerate those who would destroy it.

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