Trump Supporter Shouts 3 Words, Explaining Cruz’s Views On Water Boarding

During the course of a campaign rally on Monday in Manchester, NH, Donald Trump was talking about the most recent debates and a question that was asked of Ted Cruz as to how he feels about water boarding. Trump said he expected a response from Cruz of “Absolutely,” but instead he seemed to be concerned about the answer. One lady in the audience had her own ideas as to why Cruz was hesitant to respond to the question and shouted it out. […]


Bill Clinton’s 6 Blunt Words About Hillary, Leaves People Stunned By His Honesty

In Hillary Clinton’s desperate attempt to garner votes, she has husband Bill stumping for her. After a cringe-worthy moment, where he had the nerve to call out others for being sexist, he’s followed up with another shocking comment. Apparently, Bill Clinton may have made his most honest statement yet, using just 6 words about his marriage that’s left people stunned. […]


[VID] Bill Clinton Bombs Using Just ONE WORD, Leaves NH Crowd SPEECHLESS

Many were wondering when the Hillary campaign would roll out Bill Clinton. The answer came today, as Bill showed up looking like a lumberjack in red and black plaid. Pandering to the New Hampshire voters, the plaid made sense, but what did not was Bill’s rambling impromptu talk. Bill alluded to certain Sanders supporters and grasped for words to make his point, but the word he used made the crowd go silent, and left Bill knowing he went too far. […]

Health & Science

Liberal Elitists Are Getting Rich Off Global Warming: Look How Much They Made

Environmentalists claim that climate change deniers destroy the environment for profits or material gains, not caring about future generations. While that’s completely wrong and a mischaracterized assessment, it doesn’t stop hypocritical liberal elitists from getting wealthy off the backs of the boneheads that actually fall for the climate change hype. In fact, it makes them even richer, and you won’t believe the money they have made. […]


Bernie Helps Himself To ‘Free’ Stuff, Now He’s Being Lawfully Told HANDS OFF

Democratic presidential candidate and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is quite keen on free stuff. With a campaign promise of great giveaways, including healthcare and college education, it looks like Sanders decided to take a little something “free” for himself. Now, he’s feeling the effects, giving all new meaning to “feeling the Bern,” as a few entities are lawfully telling him “hands off.” […]

Was Michelle Obama In On Beyonce's Racist Halftime Show?

As Beyoncé SLAPS America With ‘Racist’ Halftime, Michelle Rubs Salt In Wound

By now you know that Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance had racist undertones and sent a pro-black message to viewers. However, it seems that after the pop star was done slapping Americans in the face, Michelle Obama decided to rub some salt in the wound – and she did it by letting a secret fly that you probably weren’t supposed to know. […]