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List Of 72 Ways That You Could Be Placed On Obama’s Terrorist Watch List

The term “terrorist” used to have a very narrow definition, referring to people of Osama Bin Laden’s caliber. However, under Barack Hussein Obama, it’s easier than ever to find yourself on a terror watch list. Are you a pro-life Christian? Do you believe in limited government? Do you fear the government is trying to take away your guns? If you answered yes to any of these, you really need to have a look at this list. […]


One State Will Put Patriots Who Cross Government On ‘Terrorist Registry’

Forget that pesky little thing in the Fifth Amendment of our Constitution called “due process.” One state just passed a bill in their senate that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, allowing the government to put ordinary citizens who haven’t been convicted of any wrongdoing into their “Terrorist Registry.” The bill is being proposed as a way to “protect the number one terrorist location in the United States,” but its implications are huge. […]


Trump Attacks Hillary In Tweet, People Go Nuts Over What’s Next To Her Head

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is known for posting tweets that get attention, and his most recent attack ad on Democrat rival Hillary Clinton is no different. However, it’s not so much what he said about her as what was put next to her head that has people going nuts. Unfortunately for them, there are a few things they obviously missed before jumping to bad assumptions. […]


‘Fact Checker’ LIES About Trump’s Latest Claim, But Here Are The Facts

Donald Trump’s statements are always being fact checked, but now, one famous fact checker is in the hot seat. Politifact said Trump lied on an issue that is extremely important — crime in America. US Citizens want to know the facts about criminal activity in our country, and you’ll be shocked at the lies being told, all in an effort to make Trump look bad and the Democrats in charge look good. […]