Mexico’s Former President Makes Bold New Accusation About Trump Voters

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox has decided to make accusations about Americans who are voting for Donald Trump. Not only are his bold statements accusatory, they border on ignorant. Obviously, Fox has a complete disregard for the American election process. He is blaming Trump’s voters, but what else he has to say about them is likely to piss a lot of people off. […]


[Video] Bikers Hear New Black Panthers’ Convention Plans, Send Bold Warning

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) would be wise to stay away from the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland this week after they hear what will be there waiting for them. Their chaotic plans for the convention caught the attention of a bigger, tougher group of patriots, and some brave bikers have a warning for the NBPP if they go through with their plans. […]


BLM Leader’s Damning Past Exposed After Calling For Dead Cops & Violence

Shaun King is a known agitator, liar, and bigot, who presents himself a social justice warrior. The BLM leader has called for the shooting of police, and he is now focusing on Donald Trump and those who vote for him. He is asking the thugs to come out and organize a very violent act, but you’ll be shocked at the one big lie about him that proves what a charlatan he truly is. […]


After Unveiled As Trump’s VP, Pence Posts A ‘Shameful’ Pic & Twitter Erupts

Governor Mike Pence was officially unveiled as Donald Trump’s running mate, and it didn’t take long for the opposition to question whether he was fit for office. All it took was Pence posting one “shameful” picture, and Twitter erupted in backlash over what’s captured in the image. However, when you see what he’s being faulted for, it makes you wonder if his critics are fit to vote. […]

Cops & Criminals

Alton Sterling’s Son Just Broke His Silence, BLM’s Worst Nightmare Came True

Alton Sterling’s death has been one of the key motivators for BLM protesters taking their rage to the streets, which has left 5 police officers dead so far. In the wake of violence engulfing parts of urban America, an unlikely person is speaking up, sure to throw a monkey wrench into the rhetoric of BLM leaders, who continue to call for attacks on police. […]


White Woman In Black Neighborhood Shocks People With Sign On Her Back

We’ve all suspected that liberals are devoid of fully functioning brain cells, and a woman by the name of Laurella Willis may have finally proven that theory once and for all. Following the recent shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, Willis took it upon herself to walk 20 miles each day through the ghettos of Chicago with a shocking home-made sign on her back. […]