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Alton Sterling’s Son Just Broke His Silence, BLM’s Worst Nightmare Came True

Alton Sterling’s death has been one of the key motivators for BLM protesters taking their rage to the streets, which has left 5 police officers dead so far. In the wake of violence engulfing parts of urban America, an unlikely person is speaking up, sure to throw a monkey wrench into the rhetoric of BLM leaders, who continue to call for attacks on police. […]


White Woman In Black Neighborhood Shocks People With Sign On Her Back

We’ve all suspected that liberals are devoid of fully functioning brain cells, and a woman by the name of Laurella Willis may have finally proven that theory once and for all. Following the recent shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, Willis took it upon herself to walk 20 miles each day through the ghettos of Chicago with a shocking home-made sign on her back. […]


Politically Incorrect Guy DESTROYS BLM Thugs After They Threaten To Move

Following the violent rhetoric of BLM leaders, who call for the massacre of white police officers, many “oppressed” black Americans are upping the insanity of their antics, threatening to relocate to Africa as a way to escape the oppression of white America. However, the BLM movement is not representative of all black people as evidenced by one very politically incorrect black man and his now-viral video. […]


Disgusted Cops React To Obama’s Speech At Dallas Memorial & It’s PRICELESS

Barack Obama gave his usual race-baiting speech yesterday at the Dallas memorial service for the five police officers killed in the line of duty. Most hoped that Obama would try for once to be honorable and make a speech about the heroes rather than about himself, but he isn’t honorable. The president’s rhetoric didn’t go unnoticed, and the disgusted cops’ reactions are priceless. […]