[Video] Obama's New Use For His "Pen" Will Have Dire Consequences

Obama Makes SICK Use Of His ‘Pen’ To Outdo 9 Prior Presidents Combined

There are certain legal privileges that a president maintains, but when politics-based actions are taken that undermine the general well-being of countless citizens, it’s bound to cause an uproar. Americans have been outraged many times over President Obama ruling with his “pen and phone.” However, his unprecedented move yesterday is completely over the top and will no doubt have dire consequences. […]


Clint Eastwood Thrashes The PC Crowd, Has A Few Words About Donald Trump

Outspoken actor Clint Eastwood is not one to sit idly by and watch the country fall into the hands of liberals. He was an outspoken supporter of Mitt Romney in the 2012 election cycle and even used the famous “empty chair” during a speech to get his point across about the damage Barack Obama and liberal policy has done to the nation. Well, Eastwood is back, and he’s still not mincing words. […]


Cops Fire Back After Seeing List Of Demands Issued By Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement is attempting to shed its identity as largely reactionary and structureless with a recent release of demands. Unfortunately for them, as they try to legitimize their misguided organization, not everyone is impressed with their obvious bullying, and law enforcement is now firing back, with cops issuing some challenging demands of their own. […]

[Video] Democratic Socialism Just Spawned Worst Consequence Yet

[Video] Democratic Socialism Just Spawned Its Worst Consequence Yet

The political ideology of socialism goes hand in hand with that of Democrats with a belief that government should play a massive social and economic role in people’s lives. That mentality is what destroys nations. The worst consequence of socialism to hit Venezuela so far was just spawned, and if we can’t keep our Democrats at bay, the same thing could be around the corner for the United States too. […]


‘Concerned’ Mom Tries To Take Down Trump, There’s Just One BIG Problem

Catherine Byrne, presenting herself as a “concerned mom,” attended a Mike Pence rally to tell him that Muslim dad Khizr Khan was totally disrespected by Donald Trump and that Pence should disavow him. The mainstream media is using the moment to make Trump look bad, but new information is coming to light, and Americans should be shaking their heads after seeing the one big problem with Catherine Byrne. […]