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Anti-Gun Parents Have Fit Over Dad Exercising Rights, Authorities Cross The Line

One particular Michigan dad is a law-abiding citizen and legally carries a gun. He wants no fame and is just exercising his right to keep and bear arms. However, politically correct parents in his Michigan community are causing waves, and they have the authorities overreacting. What happened to this dad is ridiculous, as authorities crossed the line, acting like wimpy whiners making something out of nothing. […]

Students Traumatized By What They Found Splattered All Over School Sidwalks
Political Opinion

Students ‘Traumatized’ By What They Found Spread All Over School Sidewalks

On Monday, students at Emory University in Atlanta showed up to campus in absolute horror of what they found covering sidewalks and handrails throughout the school. Young adults claimed to be so traumatized by what they found that urgent counseling had to be provided when many of them complained of feeling physical pain and believed their safety was in imminent danger. […]

Cops & Criminals

Chilling Video: Thugs Prove Criminals Can & Will Outsmart Liberal Gun Laws

The left is constantly telling us that universal background checks, universal registration laws, and more gun free zones will solve the problem of shootings in America. Their entire theory has just been blown out of the water, and the proof was captured on a high-resolution security camera, as thugs proved once again that criminals can and will outsmart any and all liberal gun laws. […]