Liberal Anchor Breaks Ranks: 2 Numbers On Refugee Crisis ‘Don’t Make Sense’

Liberal Anchor BREAKS RANKS: 2 Numbers On Refugee Crisis ‘Don’t Make Sense’

Even the heavily biased liberal media is having trouble coming to terms with two important numbers regarding the so-called “refugee crisis,” and one anchor’s outrage was apparent during his Tuesday night show. Chris Matthews was discussing the number of Syrian refugees, and he’s rather upset about the disparity between the number of refugees and another number that has proved shameful for the Obama administration. […]

After Paris Attacks, Obama IGNORING For Full-Court Press On HORRID Idea

After Paris Attacks, Obama IGNORING Law For Full-Court Press On HORRID Idea

Allowing 10,000 “refugees” into the country without being able to properly vet them is bad enough in itself, which is why most Americans are against it, especially after what happened in Paris. However, the attacks don’t appear to have fazed Barack Obama, who just announced that he plans on doubling down on an idea that’s been seven years in the making, and apparently, he’s not going to let anything stop him, even the law. […]


Obama Denies Refugee ‘Religion Test,’ But Look How Many Christians Let In U.S.

On Monday, Barack Obama delivered an impassioned speech, where he decried the opposition to his plan which allows 10,000 Syrian refugees into the nation. He declared that we can’t have a religious test when deciding who we’re going to let in. Well, you might be interested to see the actual numbers when it comes to who’s being let in and who’s turned away, and you’ll likely be shocked at the number of Christians allowed in since 2011. […]


New Map Shows SURPRISING Number Of States Defying Obama’s Refugee Wishes

Following the horrific attacks in Paris, France, which killed at least 132 people and wounded over 350 more, there’s been a growing skepticism over allowing so-called “refugees” into our nation out of fear there could be terrorists from the Islamic State terror group (ISIS) intermixed with the migrants. Well, amid that growing skepticism is also rebellion from governors across the country, who don’t want them anywhere near their states. The latest map shows just how many states are defying Barack Obama’s wishes. There’s more than you might imagine, and they all have one thing in common. […]