Obama’s NOT Going To Like What Oregon Shooting Hero Said About Meeting Him

Obama’s NOT Going To Like What Oregon Hero Said About Meeting Him

Following the horrible tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, Barack Obama announced plans to go meet with the victims of the deadly shooting while taking the opportunity to dance on the graves of the dead to push for more gun control. One of the victims he would like to meet is Chris Mintz, who is credited with saving numerous lives by confronting the shooter, but it’s safe to say, Obama isn’t going to like what Mintz thinks about the idea. […]

Oregon Victim Throws Liberal Gun Agenda OFF By Saying What We’re All Thinking

Oregon Victim Throws Anti-Gun Agenda OFF By Saying What We’re All Thinking

It’s a shame that liberals have used the tragedy in Oregon to advance their position regarding gun control, but what they didn’t take into consideration is the fact that these victims hold more power in the public opinion on guns than they do. Proving that to be true, one victim blatantly said what we’re all thinking and has successfully thrown a wrench in the anti-gun agenda. […]

After Throwing Fit Over Guns, Obama IGNORED What Just Happened In Chicago

After Throwing Fit Over Oregon, Obama IGNORED What JUST Happened In Chicago

Last week, a mentally deranged man walked into a college and killed nine people, and right on cue Barack Obama took to his podium, armed with teleprompters and a spoiled brat attitude, to lecture the nation about gun control or his perceived lack thereof. But following his impassioned rant about his disgust over Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights, something major happening in Chicago, and he completely ignored it. […]