Popeyes Employee Gets Nasty At Drive-Thru, Customer Gets Tasty Revenge

Fast food workers are demanding $15 minimum wage, but when most people see incidents like this one, they believe it’s a prime example why they don’t deserve such pay. Apparently, one Popeyes worker thought it would be wise to flip off a customer at the drive-thru window, but she probably never imagined the response or how her reputation would be tainted because of her actions.

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Tina White Fisher stopped by a local Popeyes restaurant in Denham Springs, Louisiana, but it’s probably safe to say the experience wasn’t as delectable as the food. According to her Facebook post about the series of events that led to the epic photo, the worker asked if she could pull ahead. For most people who don’t know, fast food workers are timed to make sure they are preparing food in a timely fashion.

When they ask you to pull forward, they’re really trying to stop the timer for their own benefit so they aren’t reprimanded by upper management for failing to cook food in a set amount of time. Since there were two trucks in front of Fisher, she refused to pull forward. Of course, her refusal didn’t sit well with the worker, so the following photo shows the result of her irritation.

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[Image via Facebook]
Instead of just taking the disrespect from the immature employee, Fisher decided to share her disheartening experience with the world. On January 18, she posted the photo of the Popeyes employee flipping her off with a caption that read, “This is the professional customer service you can receive from Popeye’s Chicken store #3978 in Denham Springs, LA.” Almost immediately after she made the post, Facebook users began sharing it. Now, the post has over 8,000 shares.

This employee’s actions are completely unacceptable, and she should be reported to Popeyes’ corporate offices. Regardless of who was right or wrong, this kind of behavior is never justifiable. Employees like this create bad stereotypes for fast food workers.

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Although many Americans have encountered someone just like this person, there are actually others who do work hard and take pride in their jobs to serve others. Since they are fighting for the same wage paramedics make, many people look at situations like this, compare it to the work of a paramedic, and argue fast food workers do not have enough formal education or professional etiquette to demand such a wage. Hopefully, Popeyes does something to resolve this issue.