Karmic Justice: Portland Mayor Ignored Occupy ICE, Now He’s Facing the Music

Americans were stunned when numerous left-wing protesters stormed the offices of ICE in Portland, Oregon. The month-long protest disrupted the federal agency’s work and branded them as enemies, thanks to this hate movement. Now, the ICE union is having the last laugh, as they target Mayor Ted Wheeler.

For nearly 40 days, left-wing terrorists endangered the lives of federal agents. The mayor of Portland told cops to stand down. (Photo Credit: Master Steve Rapport/Flickr, Screenshots/YouTube)

Ah, the Occupy movement. Has there ever been a less-effective group? The hate group has been causing trouble since early 2011. Swarms of unwashed socialists storm a major city, claiming they are fighting for social justice. Sometimes, they are occupying Wall Street. Other times, D.C. or government.

Regardless of the “cause,” it is a clear fascist tactic by the Democrats. They pay young, angry, idiotic people to cause trouble in order for a few juicy sound bites for the media. The left-wing, mainstream media feverishly covers these bogus “protests,” in the hopes of swaying public opinion.

You’ll remember how earlier in the year openly socialists Democrats were calling to abolish ICE. This idiotic platform was pushed during their primaries, in the hopes of knocking more moderate Democrats off the ballot. Funny how, as we enter the general elections, that mantra has suddenly disappeared. Almost as if these liberal con artists, never intended to abolish the government agency.

During a 38-day period in Portland, Oregon, the corrupt leaders of the left staged a protest. A large group of radical, dangerous activists camped outside ICE’s headquarters in the major city. They screamed at police officers and federal agents. “Occupy ICE” activists shouted racial slurs at minority officers.

They created a biohazard with their filthy camps. Only after it became completely unacceptable did the local police force them to leave.

The abuse and risk ICE agents faced at the hands of American citizens was totally unacceptable. An agency solely devoted to keeping Americans safe from criminal aliens was treated like villains. Worse than that, the super liberal leaders of Portland refused to do anything to help.

Now, it looks like real justice is on its way.

The union representing federal Immigration, Customs and Enforcement employees in Portland has asked Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation into Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler because of his handling of the summer’s OccupyICE protests at the ICE office in Southwest Portland.

Union officials repeatedly accused Wheeler of political bias in allegedly issuing a hands-off directive to police that the union asserts led to unrestrained harassment and abuse of ICE employees. Wheeler could not immediately be reached for comment, but in the past has defended his stance as appropriate discretion to protect protesters’ First Amendment rights. [Source: Portland Tribune]

Suuuure, he was protecting these vile, ugly protester’s First Amendment rights. Sorry Ted, but Free Speech doesn’t allow you to abuse federal agents. Nor does the right to peaceably assemble allow you to invade government property for almost 40-days.

It’s funny how Democrats are very protective of the First Amendment when it benefits their lap dogs. But when social networks censor conservatives, liberals are nowhere to be found!

According to our investigation, after Mr. Wheeler’s policy declaration of June 20, 2018 the crowd around the ICE building: swelled; physically blocked the exits of a privately owned building; blocked ICE employees from exiting their place of work; denied ICE employees access to their privately owned vehicles; verbally assaulted ICE employees; blocked traffic; harassed local merchants; harassed local residents; engaged in violent and tumultuous behavior; and established an unauthorized occupation of public property without a permit. This behavior continued for at least 38 days. [Source: Letter to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, ICE]

Do those sound like actions protected by the First Amendment, or actions committed by criminals?

The ICE union made their intentions very clear, they want Mayor Wheeler to give up his power.

“We believe that Mr. Wheeler has committed the crime of official misconduct,” stated an Oct. 3 letter sent by Sean Riddell, a Portland-based attorney representing the union. “Our attempts to compel Mr. Wheeler to take reasonable action, correct and/or cease his criminal activity have been unsuccessful.”

The union also said Wheeler should temporarily give up his duties as police commissioner.

“If a rank-and-file police officer was presented with an ongoing crime for 30 days and did not take appropriate action that officer would be placed on administrative leave and subject to an internal investigation,” the letter continued. [Source: Fox News]

Numerous calls to local police were made during the 40-day protest. Yet the mayor ordered police to not get involved. The occupiers made their intentions very clear. Daily they cursed out and abused ICE agents. At any moment it could have gotten violent. But Ted Wheeler told the cops to do nothing?

Imagine if the same situation was going on outside a Planned Parenthood office? What if pro-life protesters were cursing out PP staff and doctors? A liberal mayor would have dragged them away after ten minutes.

This obvious double standard must end. Liberal leaders across the country allow Occupy ICE, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other hate groups to attack, bully, and intimidate conservatives. They look the other way as left-wing terrorists jeopardize the safety of everyday Americans. Yet they throw the book at any Trump supporter who as much as sneezes the wrong way. Ted Wheeler must be held accountable for his actions. Share this message if you agree.

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