Pregnant Michigan Mother With Brain Cancer Makes Fatal Decision, Leaves Family Devastated

A Michigan mother of five with a loving family filled with the Lord had the kind of happiness that they thought would last a lifetime, but that was before she found out that she had stage four brain cancer that would call for extensive chemo. After discovering that she had cancer, the mother learned she was pregnant with her sixth child, causing her to make one fatal decision that would cause her whole family unimaginable grief.

Carrie DeKlyen (left) with her family (right), suffering from stage 4 cancer while pregnant (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Carrie Deklyen was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor that would require intense chemo and brain surgery. However, right after finding out about her cancer, she learned she was pregnant with her sixth child. Doctors informed Carrie that to treat her cancer, she must forgo her pregnancy, forcing her to chose between her life or her baby’s. She was told, “If you don’t terminate this baby, you will die.” Being a believer, follower, and lover of God, Carrie could never imagine aborting her child, even if it meant giving up her own life.

She chose to forgo the cancer treatment that would prolong her life so that she could continue her pregnancy. She became unresponsive, and in July, she went into a coma. On Wednesday, doctors were forced to deliver her baby prematurely in an emergency C-section to keep the baby alive as she would no longer survive in the womb.

They delivered a beautiful baby girl, weighing only 1 pound and 4 ounces, who the family named Life Lynn Deklyn. Sadly, a day after having her baby, doctors removed Carrie’s feeding and breathing tubes, and yesterday, Carrie died just three days after having her child was delivered, TIME reported.

Carrie’s grieving husband and the father of newborn Life spoke out after the fatal decision his wife made.

“I’ll see you in Heaven,” Nick DeKlyen said to his wife just before she died.

“We stayed by her until she took her last breath,” he said. “It’s in God’s hands now.” [Source: Fox News]

Nick stood by his wife’s heartbreaking decision because of their love for God, and he will raise Life to love God the same way her mom did. Without a second thought, the entire Deklyen family was behind Carrie’s difficult decision, and they received an outpouring of love all throughout the country from those who admired Carrie’s moral decision to chose her child’s life even if it cost her own.

Carrie and Nick share five other children: Elijah, 18, Isaiah, 16, Nevaeh, 11, Leila, 4, and Jez, 1, and now, of course, newborn Life has been added to the family. Nick expressed his view on the type of mother Carrie was, saying, “She’s the kind of mom that wants to be with her kids all the time, building forts in the backyard, taking the kids on walks to the park and making them special lunches.” He added, “I’m going to really miss those moments.”

Carrie’s decision was backed by a powerful Bible verse, John 15:13, which reads: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” which is posted on her Facebook support page. The Deklyen family misses Carrie dearly, but her unwavering faith has been an inspiration to so many. Carrie’s love for God was never doubted by any of her family, and this fatal decision was her final proof, even if it was her ultimate sacrifice.

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