Liberals Pissed As President Trump Makes Bold Move With Your Tax Dollars

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American flags being waved (left), President Donald Trump (right inset)

With President Donald Trump now over 100 days into his presidency, the left is still actively looking for reasons to hate him, even if their logic makes little sense. As Trump proves that he is going to put Americans first with one budget move, liberals are finding fault with it and fuming, even though it benefits all Americans.

Trump’s vow to put Americans first obviously included his promise of a border wall, but most don’t know that he has actually got deeper plans than that. According to Foreign Policy, acting USAID Administrator Wade Warren told employees at a recent staff meeting that administration officials are considering folding the foreign aid agency into the State Department. This comes as a part of a review mandated by President Trump’s March 13 executive order on streamlining the executive branch. However, this means much more than it appears on the surface.

This means amazing things for the American taxpayer. Many Americans struggle because of the tax burden placed on them. This won’t lower that burden right away, but it will be a much more effective way to spend the money we pay to the government. It would mean more of our own money would be spent on our own problems rather than those of other countries.

The administration’s March budget proposal vowed to slash aid to developing countries by over one-third, but contained few details. According to a detailed 15-page State Department budget document obtained by Foreign Policy, the overhaul also includes rechanneling funding from development assistance into a program that is tied closely to national security objectives.

Foreign aid is an enormous expenditure for the American government, and the burden falls directly on the backs of the taxpayers. The released document details how the Trump administration’s plans to reduce direct foreign assistance would take place in the fiscal year 2018. The agency anticipates that the budget proposal will necessitate eliminating 30 to 35 of its field missions while cutting its regional bureaus by roughly 65 percent.

Not surprisingly, liberals are upset, but this move is far from unprecedented. In 1999, the U.S. Information Agency, which funded information and cultural programs abroad, was closed down and many of its programs folded into the State Department. However, liberals are concerned that shutting down or even just scaling back an agency dedicated to wasting our money in other countries could prove far more polarizing.

Liberals are afraid of literally any budget cuts. They have a long history of overspending others’ money. It’s their fun little communist streak that most of us have grown to loathe. Thanks to their desire to not cut spending, liberal Democrats will likely attempt to keep Trump from slashing this foreign aid or make more threats to shut down the government.

Trump is only attempting to make the best use of our money, and it could be put to use in the United States, rather than squandered in third world countries who offer nothing in return for our taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Hopefully, Donald Trump is successful in this particular reduction in the budget. This definitely proves that he puts Americans first, just like he should.