After Principal Turns Class Into Mosque, Atty Gen Has Surprise Announcement

After Principal Turns Class Into Mosque, Atty Gen Has Surprise Announcement
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (left) was indignant to discover that Principal Scott Warstler (right) had allowed Liberty High School Muslim students to transform a classroom into a prayer room. (Photo source: WFAA, KERA News, Liberty Wingspan)

Last week, disturbing news broke of a Texas high school principal allowing Muslim students to convert a classroom into a mosque so they could disrupt class time to pray. However, as soon as the state’s attorney general heard what was going on, he immediately sent the biased principal a surprise announcement.

Principal Scott Warstler of Liberty High School in Frisco was quick to appease and favor the tiny minority of Muslim students so much that he allowed them to skip class every Friday to attend prayers at their local mosques. Realizing that complaints might arise concerning these privileged few getting away with playing hooky, Warstler went to the students and their families and proposed that they turn a spare classroom into a prayer room instead. Fortunately, when the hypocritical liberal media praised Warstler for practicing religious favoritism, they also caught the attention of the attorney general.

Famous for monumental wins involving religious freedom, Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton (R-TX) immediately turned his full attention to Warstler, accusing him of discriminating against and violating the rights of non-Muslim students with his mini-mosque on school grounds. The Independent reports that Paxton’s office wrote the school’s district superintendent a strongly worded letter to express their “concerns” and what appears to be a warning of an impending lawsuit.

“It appears that the prayer room is ‘dedicated to the religious needs of some students,'” a deputy attorney general wrote, quoting an article written by an 11th grade student, “namely, those who practise Islam. Recent news reports have indicated that the high school’s prayer room is … apparently excluding students of other faiths.”

After Principal Turns Class Into Mosque, Atty Gen Has Surprise Announcement
Not only are the Muslim students establishing religious dominance in the classroom (top), they are enforcing gender segregation. From another angle (bottom), we see the female students forced to pray behind their male classmates, in accordance with Sharia law, which is gender discrimination. (Photo source: KERA News, Dallas News)

The letter concluded that if the reports are true, the school principal is guilty of violating the non-Muslim students’ constitutional rights and the school district is also responsible for allowing it to continue, according to NBCDFW.

“It appears that students are being treated different based on their religious beliefs,” said the letter. “Such a practice, of course, is irreconcilable with our nation’s enduring commitment to religious liberty.”

Along with Paxton notifying them that his administration is looking into the school’s alarming behavior, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed on social media that the state is investigating the matter, leaving the school frantically scrambling to cover their actions.

In a shameless attempt to protect Warstler, school district spokesman Chris Moore alleged that all students are free to use the prayer room equally.

“All sorts of folks use it,” school district spokesman Chris Moore told The Washington Post on Saturday. “Muslims pray, Baptists pray, Catholics pray, Buddhists pray, Hindu students pray.”

Of course, Moore is back-peddling. In fact, Warstler only offered the room to Muslim students when he personally met with Muslim families to propose the idea. In addition, the idea wasn’t “student-led,” a reference Warstler used to justify the Muslim prayer meetings. In an interview, he contradicts this claim by admitting that it was his idea and that he pitched it only to the Muslim families. Warstler also confessed that he allowed only Muslim students to skip class on Fridays.

Warstler is cowardly attempting to justify his blatant bias when it comes to Islam. While he claims that all students are able to use the room, we can assume that if a group of Christians barged in while the Muslim students prayed, they would be turned away until the Muslims were done. Likewise, if another group was using the room during the required time for Islam’s Friday prayer, the Muslims students would be given priority since their religion commands that they pray at specific times.

The school district reasons that because this prayer is an Islamic requirement, they will appease the Muslims’ demands. What will they do when they find out that forcing girls to cover their hair, beating disobedient women, lashing fornicators, and executing homosexuals are also Islamic requirements commanded in the Quran? In fact, 5 daily prayers aren’t even outlined in the Quran as these other requirements are. As such, the school seems to be cherry-picking what Muslims students are allowed to practice, which is a slippery slope toward Sharia implementation.

We can only hope that Paxton brings down the hammer on this unconstitutional catering to one particular religious group. Ironically, the once vociferous “separation of church and state” liberals are nowhere to be seen.

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