Arrested Professor’s Lies Come Out, Town Shows What They Think About Cops

Princeton Black Studies Professor Imani Perry’s arrest for an outstanding warrant became headline news when she claimed the cops mistreated her due to her “blackness.” After several days of Perry’s rants on social media, demonizing the Princeton Police officers’ handling of her arrest, the Princeton Police Department released the dash cam video of the incident, and the town showed where their loyalties lie with their reaction.


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Perry’s treatment was completely respectful, as the officers reassured her they would help her get to the university after her processing at the police department. But that didn’t stop Perry from perpetuating dangerous lies on social media. Perry brought the limelight on her arrest, playing the race card.

The ordeal started February 6th, as Imani Perry was speeding, going 67 mph in a 30 mph zone. After the Princeton Police pulled Perry over to write a ticket, Perry’s license came back with an outstanding warrant. Mandated to arrest Perry, the officers assured her they would process her right away and “get her on her way.” The whole episode is on the dash cam video, and Perry’s mistake is her deep-rooted prejudice against white police officers.

As a Black Studies Professor, Perry is known as a huge supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Perry’s history shows her prejudice against police officers, notably Perry’s publications. The list of her writings show a true slant, buying into racism and black feminism.

Thankfully, Perry’s lies came out, stopping the probable ruination of her arresting officers. Those officers careers and lives were up on Perry’s chopping block, as she maligned them as racial profiling her and added some of her black feminism issues in there by stating the male officer “searched” her. The “search” is on the dash cam, and it was hardly anything to complain about, as the video proves.

Now, the town of Princeton has judged the professor and sent the police department a token of their appreciation. When Perry’s claims were proven as lies, the city council announced a show of appreciation for their police department.

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“It’s been a long, difficult week,” Councilwoman Jo Butler said Friday.

Butler said council members used their own money to pay for chips and sandwiches before dropping the food off at the police department as a gesture of support.

“It’s a little vote of confidence,” she said. — via

Perry, before deleting her Facebook and Twitter accounts after the dash cam video’s publication, is now back on social media. Perry’s reaction is to deflect and keep to her story. Perry published a rather boring rant called “The End,” which goes on to emphasize the video doesn’t show her being handcuffed to a table at the police station. That’s about it, her other claims are gone.

Perry then goes on a boring lecture on the justice system, and how she feared for her life, referring to “the footage of multiple deaths of unarmed African-Americans at the hands of police officers.”

Perry also wrote in her rant that she missed her appointment with the prosecutor’s office to file her claim of racial discrimination and abusive treatment. Perry says she was not told about her appointment, saying:

“I wasn’t a no show! I’d called and asked to postpone the meeting Although I honestly can’t be certain that this information was communicated to me correctly, it felt like yet another effort to discredit me. Then I thought to myself: That’s ok, I’m fine with the investigation being closed. So be it. That wasn’t the point anyway.”

That wasn’t the point anyway? Of course that was her point. She wrote all over social media of her “mistreatment” and “abuse at the hands of white cops.” She stated that she feared for her life. She is a Black Studies Professor, who is pumping the Black Lies Matter themes into young minds daily.

This was her intent when it happened. The arrest was going to propel her into the limelight as another black victim of white cops out to get black people. The truth came out. The city council sent a nice free lunch over to the Princeton Police.

As we await Imani Perry’s apology that will surely never come, we take satisfaction in knowing the truth set those officers free from the clutches of her hate filled world.

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[h/t World Net Daily]

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