Lib Prosecutor Denies Death Penalty For Killer, Governor Has 2 Brutal Words

Lib Prosecutor Denies Death Penalty For Killer, Governor Has 2 Brutal Words
State Attorney Aramis Ayala (left), Markeith Loyd (center), and Florida Governor Rick Scott (right)

After killing his pregnant wife along with a female police officer, a violent thug was more than happy to hear that the state wasn’t going to seek the death penalty. Unfortunately for the Florida State Attorney who refused to give the punk what he deserved, the governor just slapped her with 2 words – and they’re downright brutal.

They say that justice is blind, but that wasn’t the case when Barack Obama was in office. However, those who were eager to grant leniency where there shouldn’t have been any are having a rough time now that the law is once again being enforced as it should be.

Proving just that is State Attorney Aramis Ayala who recently announced that she wouldn’t be seeking the death penalty for Markeith Loyd – the man who viciously killed his pregnant girlfriend and the female officer who responded to the scene shortly thereafter.

Although Ayala explained, “By choosing to seek life sentences over death, we can assure that violent offenders will never be released. They will never continue to drain resources from this state with decades of appeals,” she just got some seriously bad news.

Simply put, Florida Governor Rick Scott dropped just 2 brutal words for her. According to reports, Scott has most recently told Ayala “you’re fired” – and it all boils down to her decision that should enrage everyone.

As it turns out, there’s actually a few reasons it’s a good thing that Ayala has been removed from office. The Gateway Pundit explains, “Enter the Soros connection. Aramis Ayala’s campaign was funded by a Soros-related PAC which reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of… to help get her elected.

A political action committee associated with George Soros has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on television commercials and other advertising to get Aramis Ayala elected state attorney in the Orlando-based 9th Judicial Circuit.

Federal Communication Commission records show Safety & Justice has purchased at least $152,745 in TV commercials on WESH-TV (NBC Channel 2) and another $94,000 on WFTV (ABC Channel 9.) Other paperwork has been filed at other Orlando TV stations to place commercials, including at WKMG (CBS Channel 6) and WOFL (Fox Channel 35, but ad buy reports have not yet been posted by the FCC. [Source: Florida Politics]

As we all know, Soros helped to create and fund the Black Lives Matter movement. It is currently believed that Ayala’s motives stemmed from her loyalty to Soros and, in such, ensuring that a black man wasn’t put to death. At this point, she’s proven herself unable to fulfill her oath and her bias to the political agendas of whoever pays her the most. Governor Scott was clearly in the right when he fired her.

Lib Prosecutor Denies Death Penalty For Killer, Governor Has 2 Brutal Words
Sade Dixon, who was pregnant at the time she was killed (left), and Master Sgt. Debra Clayton (right) – both women were murdered by Markeith Loyd.

What liberals like Ayala don’t seem to understand is that the man on trial had absolutely no regard for black life at all, seeing how the police officer, his girlfriend, and the child in her womb, all of whom he killed, were black. If you’re going to say that black lives matter, you should probably start with the biggest offenders because when it comes down to it, statistics prove blacks lives matter least to other black people since 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Maybe once we get that number down, we can focus on the other 7%.

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