Protester Blocks Traffic And Assaults Police Vehicle, Gets Instant Brutal Karma

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A shocking video has surfaced out of California. A protester decided to block traffic at an intersection before assaulting a police vehicle. Now, the clip has gone viral after he got an instant dose of brutal karma.

Screenshot from live video footage (background), Quatrell Stallings (inset) (Photo Credits: Facebook/Anthony Chappell, Facebook/Quatrell Stallings)

According to Blue Lives Matter, the shocking incident took place on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, during a vigil which turned into an ugly protest in South Los Angeles. Police said the vigil was originally planned by friends and acquaintances of a bicyclist who was killed by a hit-and-run driver the day before.

When the vigil goers decided to block traffic, things took a turn for the worse. Police said that nearly 100 bicyclists gathered at the intersection of Machester and Normandie Avenues to remember their friend, Frederick Frasier Jr., and protest what some people viewed as an intentional hit-and-run which took his life.

It didn’t take long for tensions between bicyclists and motorists to turn into pandemonium. Witnesses posted video footage on social media showing the protesters blocking the intersection before a police SUV showed up to disperse the crowd.

The officer driving that SUV was Los Angeles Police Sergeant Rudy Ramirez who could be seen driving slowly through the crowd in a circle trying to get them to leave the area. Some of the protesters began to dent the police SUV with their fists and bicycles as it passed by, and others tried to follow the cruiser around the intersection.

As the clip continues, a tan sedan could be seen speeding into the intersection through a red light. The driver passed the police cruiser and hit one protester who was blocking the road. The protester, identified as Quatrell Stallings, was launched up into the air and then landed on the asphalt.

The driver of the tan sedan who had just run over Stallings could barely be seen slowing down after the collision. In an instant, the driver sped off down the street with a crowd of angry bicyclists chasing behind. Hitting another person with a vehicle is never a good idea and neither is blocking an intersection during a protest as Stallings apparently discovered. Stallings could be seen getting up off of the street and hopping over to the side of the road as other protesters tried to help him.

This shit is fucked up….I saw it it coming …they was fucking the police car up first then he got hit hard….watch end if video car come thru like WOW

Posted by Anthony Chappell on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stallings was taken to a nearby hospital and reportedly underwent surgery for injuries to his femur, knee, and ankle, according to local news station KTLA5. Witnesses said that the hit-and-run was intentional and that the woman driving the car had gotten into an argument with Stallings just a few minutes before he was hit.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Stallings, and oddly enough, not much as been collected for the traffic-blocking police-hating protester. As of Friday, April 20, 2018, only $250 of a $20,000 goal had been donated. It’s always amusing when people who bring calamity on themselves go looking for a handout.

Posted by Quatrell Jamar Stallings on Friday, April 13, 2018

“She got into a dispute with one of our bikers… when things didn’t go her way, she came down Manchester, did a U-turn, and sped back into traffic. She swerved through a bunch of bikers and Trell pushed a lady out of the way and then when he turned around, she hit him,” a witness named Moses Williams said.

According to police, the woman had either gotten out of her vehicle or been taken our by force by demonstrators before the crowd started turning on her and were striking her. The license plate on the vehicle which hit Stallings was not on record, meaning that the registration was expired or it was a fake, KTLA5 reported.

This situation looks like a lot of bad decision making on both sides. It’s unfortunate and irritating that protesters these days seem to think that it’s ok to block traffic on a roadway in order to make a point. Instead, they are drawing attention to everything but the cause for which they are trying to advocate.

The woman driving the tan sedan should be caught and arrested for plowing her car into Stallings. In addition, every single protester who blocked traffic and refused to disperse when told to by police should be arrested and the thugs who were seen in the video attacking the police SUV should be given jail sentences so that they have ample time to think about their criminal behavior.

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