Protesting Punks Furious Over What Happened Right After Trump Threatened NFL’s Tax Breaks

Although the NFL has been claiming “free speech” when it comes to their temper tantrums, they just learned that actions have consequences. In fact, President Donald Trump proved just that by threatening to take away the organization’s many tax breaks – and now, the protesting punks are furious over what happened just moments after the president issued the ultimatum.

Protesting Brats Furious Over What Happened Moments After Trump Threatens NFL’s Tax Breaks
President Donald Trump (left), protesting NFL players (center), Roger Goodell (right) (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons, Jim Rogash/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images, Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

Because the NFL provides a major boost to America’s economy, they are offered many tax breaks. Unfortunately for those running the NFL, it seems that they may have taken advantage of the government’s generosity, and Trump was able to most recently demonstrate just that.

Sick and tired of watching ungrateful punks disrespect the country that has made them multimillionaires, the president most recently made it perfectly clear that he wants to see everyone standing “or else.” Although the protesters initially saw this as a challenge and began to kneel out of spite, it seems that their attitudes have since changed. As it turns out, Trump came up with the perfect idea to get everyone to their feet.

Doing as many Americans have suggested for months, Trump just hit the NFL where it hurts them most – in the wallet – by threatening to take away those beloved tax breaks that they enjoy every year. Making this possibility even more real, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz announced that he’s the lead sponsor of the Pro Sports Act, a bill that would end tax breaks for the NFL if passed through Congress, BizPac Review reports.

Fortunately, it seems that the threat of financial consequence was enough to make some waves, and now, NFL brats are furious over what happened just a few moments later. According to CNBC, NFL owners are considering implementing a blanket rule mandating players to stand for the National Anthem and are set to have a discussion on just that in the coming days.

As if that weren’t good enough news, Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has most recently added validity to that claim by coming out in support of the National Anthem. Although he initially said that Trump overstepped his bounds by saying that players should be forced to act a certain way, Goodell has most recently come forward to say that he “believes everyone should stand,” according to The Gateway Pundit.

In the end, free speech only goes so far, and it certainly stops the moment you walk through the doors at work. However, the best part in all this is that Americans teamed together to make this happen.

America is the land of opportunity that made most of those kneeling out of disrespect filthy rich. Too bad for them, they aren’t entirely in control of their fame and fortune as they need the fans to support them. Without that, they’re absolutely nothing, and they’re learning just that.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The one thing you don’t do is infuriate the people who watch you – and that’s exactly what they did. After all, the majority of people who watch the NFL are blue collar, hardworking, middle-class men who just so happen to also largely be Trump supporters as well. They can shoot themselves in the foot all they want, but we don’t want to hear them complain when it starts to hurt – and we hope it pains them every second their whining butts are forced to stand for the National Anthem.

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