Psycho Arrested After Graphic & Disturbing Post To Girlfriend’s Facebook Profile

Kenneth Alan Amyx, a 45-year-old man from Plano, Texas, has been arrested after he made a disturbing post on his girlfriend’s Facebook profile. The man decided that Facebook was the appropriate outlet for his psychopathic oddities, and police put this animal right where he belongs.

According to the Plano police department, Amyx’s story began when police officers were dispatched to the apartment of Jennifer Streit-Spears for a disturbance on Monday. The obviously slightly awkward Amyx was in the apartment in question.

Kenneth Alan Amyx (left), Jennifer Streit-Spears (right)

Amyx was found with multiple stab wounds, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment as officers dealt with the body of Streit-Spears, who appeared to have been stabbed to death. Streit-Spears’ body was riddled with stab wounds. However, once Amyx arrived at the hospital, it was discovered that his wounds were all self-inflicted, but it’s what Amyx posted with girlfriend’s Facebook account during the fray that’s leaving authorities scratching their heads.


A photo captioned, “Please pray for us,” along with the bloody images of Streit-Spears’ lifeless body and Amyx also covered in blood, was uploaded to the social media website on the woman’s Facebook timeline. Unfortunately, Amyx’s disgusting nature doesn’t end there. Shortly after Amyx was arrested, police discovered he was also wanted in nearby counties for sex crimes involving children.

Family and friends respond to the post.
Family and friends respond to the post.

In addition to a host of charges, including murder, he was also booked into jail on charges of continuous sex abuse of a child under age 14 and indecency with a child, inmate records showed. His total bail was set at $600,000. The motive for the Streit-Spears’ homicide is still unknown and currently remains under investigation.

This animal is an insane psychopath, and he will hopefully be kept in a cage, where he belongs, for a long time. This man is a depraved person that has no place in society. It takes a special sort of freak to post a photo of the woman you killed on her Facebook timeline, but it seems he’s no stranger to violating innocent humans in the worst of ways.


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