If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel, Leave And Call Police ASAP

If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel, Leave And Call Police ASAP
Stock image depicting the inside of a bathroom stall

After going to the restroom, a few Florida women were shocked to see a new addition to the public bathroom that they had visited many times before. Unfortunately, things would take a turn when the women realized what they were looking at — and now, police have issued an urgent warning, saying to immediately leave the area and call 911 if you see anything like this.

The incident initially took place in May of last year but the warning is making rounds again on social media as the shocking threat is still out there. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, they had launched an investigation after three separate women had a terrifying bathroom experience.

Since they’d used the bathrooms several times in the past, it didn’t take them long to see something new inside the stalls. However, it wouldn’t be until later that they realized what they were actually looking at. As the police department later explained, someone had placed coat hangers in the stall – but there was something different about these particular additions.

Come to find out, the hangers were actually fitted with tiny hidden cameras that many women probably missed. As one would imagine, police immediately released a statement in hopes of informing the public for two reasons — so that no one would be victimized and so that people would keep an eye out for them.

“Anyone who has a public restroom on their property needs to check them closely,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “If you find anything suspicious you think might contain a hidden camera, don’t touch it. Call us right away and we will respond,” he said.

All of the devices found so far look like simple white coat hooks with the camera mounted behind it and utilizing a very small hole in the top portion of the coat hook for the lens of the camera. They use motion detection cameras inside to take video.

“Keep in mind, though, that these are very small cameras that can be mounted in many locations and hidden in many seemingly every-day items,” said the Sheriff. [Source: Facebook]

Sadly, the devices that could only be used for creepy purposes retail for between 10 and 20 bucks, meaning that any pervert could get their hands on one. Upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see how these could be easily used for disgusting intent as the camera lenses are rather small and could even perhaps be confused as a screw hole.

If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel, Leave And Call Police ASAP
Stock image of the hidden cameras that police are warning about

Of course, with news of the matter going viral, it didn’t take people long to comment in about the people responsible. Although most seemed to question what was so intriguing about a person using the bathroom, that’s not really the point.

In this day and age, people are willing to take advantage of you at every turn, and you never know when you could be the target of someone’s next perverse ploy. When it comes down to it, the best thing we can do is stay informed and share dirty schemes like this to ensure that our loved ones, family, and friends aren’t wrongfully taken advantage of.

Even better yet, we need to share this information in hopes that perverts like this will be caught and properly dealt with. There are enough threats out there these days – it’s best not to fall prey, letting a predator get away with their perversions, simply because it’s easier to remain blissfully unaware.

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