Oklahoma Has A Perfectly PAINFUL Way Of Punishing Sex Offenders

Oklahoma Has A Perfectly PAINFUL Way Of Punishing Sex Offenders

Oklahoma state senator Mark Allen is pushing a bill that would legalize a permanent punishment for violent sex offenders and ensure that even once they get out of prison, they won’t perpetrate their sick crimes on any other victims.

According to KCTV, Senate Bill 671 would legalize chemical castration of violent convicted sex offenders and could be implemented in the state by the end of the year if passed. The procedure is already in effect in Florida and California, where repeat sex offenders receive mandatory chemical castration injections. It is gaining support in Oklahoma by many who believe it could work, especially after the success it has been in the two other states.

Oklahoma Has A Perfectly PAINFUL Way Of Punishing Sex OffendersAttorney David Slane, who supports the bill, has represented more than 500 sex offenders and said chemical castration is a proven method, which has had a positive effect for some of his clients who elected to receive the procedure to avoid future offenses.

“I remember one in particular who told me he went to his doctor voluntarily,” Slane said. “He used this hormone therapy and, as he said, ‘It cured me. I no longer have the thoughts. I no longer have the sex drive.’ For years afterwards he had never reoffended. So to me, that was proof in the pudding. There may be something here.”

The state’s version of the bill would allow someone with a first conviction to voluntarily undergo the hormone treatment program as part of the terms for early release. But after a second conviction, the treatment would be forced on the offender.

“The inmate has to go through counseling before going through the process,” Allen explained in describing the incentive for convicted perverts. “I think they’ve had about a 90 percent success rate. If somebody wants an early release from prison, they can go through the process.”

Although the Oklahoma bill has a long way to go to get passed, if it does go through it could go into effect as quickly as November. “Offenders are in jail for a reason, and if there are any options for early release then this could be one of their options,” Allen said.

Incarcerating sex offenders for a period of time is only a temporary punishment and not a permanent solution. Once these sick individuals are released, they will be back to their old ways and put the community at risk. By stopping the problem where it starts, through chemical castration, there will be fewer victims. Simply put, these criminals can’t and won’t stop on their own, so an injection needs to do it for them.

h/t: [KCTV5]

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