If You Stumble Across a Purple Fence Post, Here’s Why You Should STAY AWAY

News is quickly spreading regarding a sight commonly seen in several states, but the thing is, not too many people know what it means. If you see a fence post or tree that is painted purple, you should most certainly stay away.

Many people might drive past a purple post on a daily basis, but if you don’t know it’s actually a warning sign, then it’s not going to do you much good. In fact, as KETK reports, the dangers of ignoring these very visible statements could land you in trouble with the law – or even worse.

According to IJ Review, the “Purple Paint Law” reaches back to 1989 in Arkansas and is used to mark the boundaries of an owner’s land. In short, a purple painted post or tree is the equivalent of a “no trespassing” sign in the eyes of the law.

Purple Post Means "No Trespassing"

In all, ten states across the country have similar laws put into place. It stand as a warning for hunters or trespassers of any kind to stay away. These states include:

North Carolina

As further explained by land owner and broker Jonathan Kennedy, “The reason the Texas legislature did that is they were trying to keep landowners from constantly having to replace signs. In Texas as we know, people like to take target practice at signs so they are having to replace them frequently.”

If You Stumble Across a Purple Fence Post, Here’s Why You Should STAY AWAY

Basically, if people wanted to trespass, all they needed to do was remove the sign, then claim they didn’t see anything. However, with a post or tree firmly rooted in the ground, there really wasn’t an easy way to get around this.

The only problem is that many people don’t know what the purple actually means, but now you know. Next time you’re out hunting or just taking a calm stroll through the wilderness, keep an eye out for anything purple. In the end, it could save you from an angry landowner or even a first-degree trespassing charge.

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