‘YOU’RE AN IDIOT’: Putin Has Enough, Rips Out Earpiece After 1 Question From Megyn Kelly

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NBC News’ Megyn Kelly moderates a panel discussion in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Friday, June 2, 2017 (left); Russian President Vladimir Putin (center) hears a question from Megyn Kelly and immediately rips out his earpiece in anger (right).

Ahead of Megyn Kelly’s sit-down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which airs on Sunday, the anchor, who is now with NBC News, moderated a panel discussion in St. Petersburg on Friday. There, she asked Putin a question which angered him so much that he immediately ripped out his earpiece before responding, “You’re an idiot,” and you certainly don’t want to miss what set him off.

After leaving Fox News, the network which indisputably made her a star and one of the biggest household names in the mainstream media, Megyn Kelly needed to land a major interview to kick off her new career at NBC. She found it in Russia with Vladimir Putin, but she immediately made a massive fool of herself in St. Petersburg.

Megyn Kelly, now working for NBC News, was moderating a panel discussion in St. Petersburg when she asked Putin about United States intelligence agencies’ conclusions that Russia had interfered with the 2016 U.S. election.

Putin seemed to disingenuously and condescendingly praise Kelly before ripping out his ear piece. [Source: Daily Caller]

“Everyone should take the American mass media’s role model. Megyn has been demonstrating today high class in her profession,” said Putin, seemingly using a large dose of sarcasm since everyone knows how much Putin hates the media. In his own country, he simply has them killed, but he can’t do as much when it comes to the American press.

The Russian president’s comment about Kelly demonstrating “high class in her profession” seemed to be a dig at the reporter’s floozy style during her visit to the Kremlin, as news surfaced earlier in the week that she had dressed resembling a “high-class hooker” for the taping of her highly-publicized interview with Putin.

Putin went on to say he did not know where the DNC leaks came from and that President Donald Trump has also denied there was any interference from the Russians in the election which he won. “…and what President Trump has been saying…just show me the quote where he said he won because of Russian intervention,” Putin remarked before popping his earpiece back in. “I don’t remember him saying so.”

Not ready to back down, Kelly responded, “[Trump] finally came around to say, ‘I think Russia did it,’ and he said, ‘I don’t think he’ll do it again.'”

“This is not as simple as having an interview or writing an article in a newspaper,” Putin smirked before pulling out his earpiece once again. “As for the interference, look at what your colleagues are doing in our country. They have been deep down in our domestic policies doing what they want, enjoying themselves, on a systemic basis for many years.”

In the below video clip from the heated panel discussion, the Russian president remarks, “You’re an idiot,” at around the 2:07 mark.

Young Conservatives shared an on-point assessment of the contentious exchange:

It’s also a little weird that everyone assumes Putin wanted Trump to be president. It makes way more sense that he would want Hillary. The person he walked all over for years while she was in the Obama Admin. He knows he can push her around. Trump is a wild card.

Also, it was funny how Megyn claimed that intelligence agencies are all nonpartisan.

Give me a break.

Have you not been paying attention to politics the last few months?

Megyn Kelly has officially gone to the dark side. If her constant attacks aimed at Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election weren’t enough to convince you, the fact that she has fallen for the clearly bogus narrative that Russia interfered in the U.S. election should seal the deal.

Not surprisingly, the St. Petersburg crowd laughed at her throughout the interview while cheering Putin. Apparently, not only is she the laughing stock of American media, but she’s a joke in Russia, as well.

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