Clerk Overhears Guy’s Question, Acts Fast When He Looks Near His Feet

A confused-looking man wandered into his local Lowe’s hardware store and began talking to a sales clerk. When a manager overheard what he was saying, he made a quick evaluation of this strange guy and noticed something amiss about him, then acted fast when his eye caught what was on the ground near him.

Owen Lima (left), Lowe’s Hardware Store (right)

Owen Lima went into the hardware store near his home in North Regina, Canada desperate for one thing, but with a heavy feeling that it would end as bad as all of his attempts leading up to this one. He was running out of options, and despite what he’s probably heard about this retailer and others like it, he was willing to take his chances. When the manager came out, he took one look at him and sent Lima sobbing.

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After suffering an accident that left Lima with a brain injury, the grown man has had an impossible time trying to get a job. Refusing to give up and live off of government assistance alone, he has stayed the course despite constantly being told “no,” since evidently nobody wants to hire a guy that’s slightly slower and also relies on a service dog. When he walked into Lowe’s, he had his trusty companion, Blue, by his side. However, the manager had something surprising to say about that.

According to CBS News, manager Paul Gallo heard about Lima’s struggle but saw something else — a hard worker who doesn’t give up, which is more than can be said for many entitled millennials. Gallo immediately offered the man a job but placed a single condition on his new position as a customer service associate/greeter. The caring employer insisted that if he was going to bring Blue to work every day that the dog gets a uniform also to wear on the job.

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Owen Lima was expecting a swift rejection when he explained during a job interview at Lowe’s that he suffers from a brain injury that requires him to have a service dog.

To his surprise, the store said he could keep his canine companion, Blue, by his side — on one condition: The dog has to wear a vest like any other employee.

“It’s so hard to find a job where people can accept me for the way I am and the fact that I have a service dog with me,” Lima recalled tearfully telling Lowe’s staff.

Clerk Overhears Guy's Question, Acts Fast When He Sees What's By His Feet
Lima (far left) with Gallo and Blue

“We don’t care about your past, what you are — we care about what you can do,” Gallo told Lima when offering him the job. Now the friendly pair can be seen at the front of the store, welcoming shoppers and managing carts, with Blue right there wagging his tail in his bright orange Lowe’s vest.

With pride for their new employee, Lowe’s Canada uploaded a photo of Lima and Blue to their Facebook page that immediately went viral, by over 18,000 people who shared it to show appreciation for a big company who gives people a chance. With all the disrespectful things that have happened at the company’s competitor, Home Depot, from employee’s wearing anti-American hats to firing a veteran for his disability, it’s refreshing to see Lowe’s do just the opposite.

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