Consumers Notice Something Disturbing When Quran-Quoting Muslim Barbie Doll Released

When a Quran-reciting, hijab-wearing Barbie-esque doll was introduced, liberals all over the world rejoiced over the innovative multicultural creation that gave Muslim girls a doll of their own. However, as soon as consumers began reviewing the modest toy, they quickly noticed something incredibly disturbing about her “abilities.”

Consumers Notice Something Disturbing When Quran-Quoting Muslim Barbie Doll Released
After the release of Jenna, a Barbie doll knock-off that recites 4 chapters of the Quran, viewers began noticing sinister details about the Muslim figurine. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Jenna)

As Muslims migrate to and grow in the West, many sport seemingly leftist values, portraying themselves as progressive, moderate Islamists. As time goes by and their numbers and strength swell, we begin to see that their liberal alignment was merely a temporary disguise for their push toward Sharia. In fact, Muslims are experts at indoctrinating future generations — and what better way than producing pro-Sharia children’s toys camouflaged as multicultural learning tools.

When French businesswoman Samira Amarir took what’s nothing more than a Mattel Barbie doll, wrapped colorful fabric around its head, and programmed it to repeat chapters of the Quran, gullible progressives lauded it as a revolutionary “design” to teach children about the beauty of Islam. While many saw the toy as little else than an unconventionally dressed figurine, others immediately recognized the sinister implications behind the proselytizing plaything.

Viewers took to the Daily Wire to point out the hypocrisy behind such a toy, including speculating as to which misogynistic, oppressive, and violent verses from the Quran she could be teaching impressionable young minds.

“It even comes with a Barbie Car that she’s forbidden to drive!” one user wrote, pointing out Saudi Arabia’s Islamic legislation.

“And a Ken doll ( named Aasim ) , that allows him divorce ‘er with the phrase – alaq-ul-bidat (Arabic for “divorce”) Yep, don’t even need to get Judge Judy involved,” another commented.

“Unfortunately no one will ever see it because it won’t be allowed out of the box,” another wrote, referring to Sharia law.

“Does it come with her genitals mutilated?” a user sarcastically questioned, referencing the rising problem of Islamic Female Genital Mutilation.

“Does she come (like that’s possible) with a tiny beating stick? Stick on bruise tattoos?” another called out the Quran’s command to beat women.

Of course, while most casually mocked what liberals might allege as harmful Muslim stereotypes, the troubling concerns over the creation of the talking hijabi doll are completely founded in the book that she is programmed to quote.

First off, even her name boasts an unsavory meaning. Jenna, which is a form of the Arabic term for the Islamic heaven, reminisces of Allah’s promise for the most devout jihadists. The “mujahideen” who fight against unbelievers instead of living peaceful lives, as Quran 4:95 illustrates, are to enjoy “full-breasted” virgin girls in Janna (heaven). Of course, this reward is only for Muslim men who’ve made war with the unbelievers. As for women, although the prophet Muhammad warned that the majority of hell-dwellers are females who were ungrateful to their husbands, the obedient Muslim women will have the privilege of serving their sex-crazed husbands in the afterlife.

Oddly enough, not one media outlet has reported which chapters the doll recites. However, we can only guess that out of the Quran’s 114 chapters, she probably isn’t quoting chapters 2 or 4, which outline that women are half the worth of men, must be devoutly obedient to their husbands, and are to be beaten if they disobey.

There’s also no telling if Jenna is the first, second, third, or fourth wife, as Quran 4:3 reminds readers that Muslim men may have up to 4 wives but women must only have one husband. Perhaps she is a sex slave who was forced to convert to Islam, as Quran 4:24 and 33:50 were referenced by Muhammad to justify when he and his followers raped women they’d captured.

Aside from these minor discrepancies, it’s a good thing that she covers herself with the hijab, as Quran 33:59 explains that men are to order women to dress modestly and that females who don’t are responsible for being molested by men.

Although it would be nearly impossible to dodge all of the Quran’s 100-plus violent verses, we’re hoping that Jenna doesn’t utter scriptures like “kill the unbelievers” in 2:191, “smite their necks” in 8:12 and 47:3, and the incredibly graphic details in 5:33, which teaches Muslims how they should crucify and dismember disbelievers while they’re still alive.

Thankfully, Jenna doesn’t quote any of the accepted hadiths, including passages when Muhammad’s child bride, Aisha, confirms that she was 6 when the prophet married her and 9 when he raped her. We’re also happy to report that the doll will make no mention of the story of Muhammad and his men ambushing and beheading an entire Jewish tribe before taking the surviving women as their sex slaves. Maybe once the children reach Islam’s “mature” age of 9 they can learn more about their war-mongering, pedophile prophet.

While we can easily ridicule the hypocrisy behind the creation of a Muslim female doll, the truth is incredibly disturbing. Just as no woman, Muslim or not, should ever have to suffer the inhumanity and oppression of Islam’s Sharia law, no child should ever be indoctrinated with the Quran’s equally barbaric teachings. What might look like a harmless toy to many ill-informed Westerners is actually a propaganda tool for Islamic proselytizing children.

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