Liberals Freak Over ‘Racist’ Halloween Costume, Say ‘White Kids’ Can’t Wear It

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Liberals seem to get offended by just about everything these days, and as Halloween approaches, it gives them a fresh opportunity for some outrage. While focusing on one of their favorite topics, liberals have begun freaking out over a “racist” Halloween costume that they have decided white kids can’t wear. Liberals have proved once again how quickly they’re triggered after viewing this costume.

Liberals are furious at the Disney Moana costumes that little ‘white girls’ are wearing (left and right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab, Youtube, Screengrab/Youtube)

Instead of letting kids be kids, liberals feel the need to politicize a holiday for kids. Halloween is supposed to be a holiday that everyone can enjoy while children dress up and go out to collect their favorite candy, but this Halloween, easily offended people will be making a spectacle out of nothing. Instead of enjoying a harmless holiday, it is being stripped of it’s fun, all thanks to the left.

The latest obsession is telling little kids what costume they can and can’t pick. Liberals don’t want white children to dress up as Disney character Moana. The movie’s two main characters are of Polynesian descent while living in Hawaii, and that is just enough to spark liberal outrage.

Twitchy reported: “Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time for all the think pieces on culturally appropriate costumes for both kids and adults. Cosmopolitan, to which we always turn for moral clarity, is suggesting that white parents not let their little pale ones dress as the title character from Disney’s Moana — rather, they should see it as an opportunity to teach their children not to be racially insensitive.”

Cosmopolitan wrote an entire article on why this Moana costume, for children, is so racist and should be banned. The editor wrote, “You might be saying something like: ‘But, I dressed up as Jasmine as a child, and I’m not a racist!’, or, ‘It’s just a Halloween costume, please chill the f*ck out.’ But one of the best things about time is that it moves forward. You should too. You can (and should) strive to be better than you were 10, 20, or 30 years ago. If you missed the mark when you were younger, maybe think about using this Halloween as an opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of cultural sensitivity. If your child’s dream costume feels questionable, don’t just throw up your hands and hand over your credit card. You’re the parent here, and the onus of what your child wears falls on you. If your kid wears a racist costume, you’re kind of wearing it too.”

Liberal media is utterly obsessed with race. We can’t be American, we have to be labeled in their book as a black American, etc. They are so obsessed with race that they are, by definition, the true racists.

While thinking they are so much smarter than everyone else, they are stuck in the past, talking like they are from decades ago while calling conservatives the crazy ones. Thankfully, the right isn’t taking their crap. Patriots have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.

It makes no logical sense why anyone would be so obsessed over a Halloween costume. Some people look for any reason to be upset and complain, and they will never be happy with anything that you try to do to please them.

They asked for more diversity, Disney gave it to them, then they complain about cultural appropriation. Let the kids go out while dressed up as their favorite character for one night, and leave your fake outrage at home.