Racist Liberals Furious Over ‘Hidden Message’ Melania Snuck Into WH Christmas Decor

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Although most of the country has been left in complete and utter amazement over Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations, it seems that not everyone is happy. As it turns out, a few racist liberals have been left downright furious – and it all boils down to the “hidden message” that the First Lady supposedly snuck into a few displays at the White House.

Racist Liberals Furious Over Melania’s ‘Hidden Message’ She Snuck Into WH Christmas Decor
Melania Trump (left) in the White House (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

The left has made it perfectly clear that they hate President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, this means that they’ve felt a need to attack the man at every turn, whenever possible, in order to inflict damage and delegitimize his presidency.

However, it seems that they’re willing to lie and deceive to get their way, and they’ve also demonstrated that they’ll go after anyone they can use to achieve their mission – even if they’re completely innocent. Take Melania, for example. She has done nothing wrong and has only been exceptional during her time as First Lady, but the left still attacks.

Proving that most recently is what happened when she unveiled the White House after it had been decorated for Christmas. For those who missed it, feel free to take a look at it in the Tweet below:

Breathtaking, right? Well, even though most of the country was using words like “incredible” and “awesome” to describe it, there’s always that select few who like to ruin things. In this instance (and so many more like it), those people just so happened to be racist liberals.

As it turns out, the left is downright furious over the “hidden message” that Melania snuck into her Christmas décor. In fact, it wasn’t long before enraged liberals were coming out of the woodwork to complain that the decorations seen were, frankly, “too white.”

On Monday, First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the White House’s Christmas theme — “Time-Honored Traditions.” And, judging by the looks of the White House’s decorations, those “traditions” are white. Very, very white. [Source: Splinter]

Of course, Melania merely used so much white because that was her chosen color scheme — likely because it’s the color of snow and often associated with this season — but that isn’t stopping the left from attacking. In all, they’re saying that the White House is donned in a “racist theme” – but then again, these are the same people who now have a problem with the song “White Christmas” after all these years.

At the end of the day, all this does is show the pettiness and ridiculousness of liberals these days. I mean, is this really what the left has devolved into? Making crap up just to hurt someone else? White is a color – has been for a long time – but people have only had a problem with it during recent years.

When it comes down to it, the real reason that the color white has so much use during the Christmas season is because of snow. Most people want to have a “white Christmas” because they want snow. People have said this for years and only recently has this become a bad thing.

Why is that? Well, this is exactly what you get when you let the left walk around, spewing whatever nonsense they feel like, completely unchecked. Former President Barack Obama enabled and even promoted this entitlement mentality, and now look where it’s gotten us – an entire political party condemning people because of the color of their skin. Then again, he got what he wanted out of it.

There’s nothing wrong with snow being white, and if you have a problem with that, it really says more about you than it does the issue that you’re trying to raise. Liberals are out of control with their nonsense, and if anything could ever prove just that, it’s this kind of crap. If you support our First Family, share this and be sure to tell your liberal friends and family that your dreaming of a “white” Christmas.