[Video] Blogger’s Epic Rant DESTROYS Racist MTV Message To “White Guys”

MTV News released an incredibly racist video this week in which various millennials instructed “white guys” on how to “better” themselves in the coming new year. Public backlash was swift over the shocking ignorance contained in the footage, but one popular video blogger’s response may be the best reaction yet in pointing out the divisive left’s insanity and hypocritical manipulations.

Less than 48 hours after publishing it, MTV News was essentially forced to remove the video that arrogantly suggested, “New Years Resolutions for White Guys in 2017,” due to the overwhelmingly negative responses from viewers. Real Clear Politics reported yesterday that the video had acquired only 89 “thumbs up” votes on YouTube compared to almost 12,000 “thumbs down.”

MTV probably thought their enormous screw-up was remedied by the removal of the video, however, nothing is ever really gone once it’s posted on the internet. Copies of the video continue to circulate, and the disgusting thing is still stirring up massive reactions all over social media.

Newsbusters has provided a transcript of the whining millennials “message” in case the copies of the videos are also hunted down and deleted:

WHITE MALE #1: Hey, fellow white guys!

NON-WHITE MALE #1: It’s about to be a new year.

BLACK MALE #1: And there’s a few things we think you could do a little bit better in 2017.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: 2017 Resolutions for White Guys]

NON-WHITE FEMALE #1: First off, try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.

NON-WHITE FEMALE #2: Can we all just agree that Black Lives Matter isn’t the opposite of all lives matter? Black lives just matter. There’s no need to over-complicate it.

WHITE MALE #1: Also, Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing.

BLACK MALE #1: Cops weren’t born with blue skin — right? I mean — yeah! They weren’t born blue.

WHITE MALE #2: Stop bragging about being woke.

NON-WHITE MALE #1: Stop saying woke.

WHITE FEMALE #1: Learn what mansplaining is and then stop doing it.

WHITE MALE #1: Oh, and if you’re a judge, then don’t prioritize the well-being of an Ivy League athlete over the woman he assaulted.

BLACK MALE #1: We all love Beyonce and yeah, she’s black, so of course she cares about black issues. I’m talking to you, Fox News.

NON-WHITE FEMALE #2: Feel free to take Kanye West, though. You guys can have him.

BLACK MALE #1: You know what you did, Kanye.

WHITE MALE #2: Nobody who has black friends says that they have black friends.

BLACK MALE #1: And just because you have black friends doesn’t mean you’re not racist. You can be racist with black friends.

NON-WHITE MALE #1: Look, guys, we know nobody’s perfect.

NON-WHITE FEMALE #1: But — honestly, you can do a little better in 2017.

WHITE FEMALE #1: Some of you guys do a great job. Some of you don’t.

BLACK MALE #1: Please cause 2016 was bad. 2017 can’t be worse than this, alright? Cause this is bad.

Multiple response videos were created as a reaction to the snide millennials spewing their racist doublespeak, and many of the responses were as long as ten minutes or more. However, one video-blogging news commentator, Philip DeFranco, summed up perfectly, in less than 90 seconds, how idiotic and divisive the content of MTV’s message was, as he slams the left for its feelings-based manipulations and schools them on what colossal hypocrites they actually are.

*Warning: Some Adult Language*

How can the progressive liberals still not understand that it is their own bullying, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness that pushed Americans to the point of going to the polls this past November to wholly reject their destructive agenda? Instead of waking up to the fact that Americans have grown tired of the leftist’s vicious attacks, they’ve decided to double-down with even more venomous rhetoric and condescension.

Obviously, the Democrats and their followers will never learn from their mistakes and aren’t interested in compromise. That is precisely why their party is now crumbling before our very eyes. At this point, all the rest of us can do is sit back, watch the show, and enjoy the implosion.

[h/t Real Clear Politics]

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