After Radio Station Bans ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ William Shatner Makes Them Pay

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If you’re one of the radio listeners who decided feminism has officially gone too far after learning that stations were banning the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” you aren’t alone. “Star Trek” actor William Shatner is having none of the current nonsense, and he decided to take matters into his own hands after hearing about the ban.

William Shatner (Photo Credit: Steve Cranston/Flickr)

The PC Police are out in full force this holiday season, and their latest incendiary crusade has been against the classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” which some radio stations chose to remove from their playlists after the lyrics upset members of the #MeToo movement.

After KOIT began its 100% Christmas music programming on November 16th, the station received complaints from some listeners regarding the song’s lyrics. On Monday, December 3, KOIT Program Director Brian Figula opted to place the song on hold while seeking further listener feedback.  The decision to pause on the song received extensive coverage from local and national news organizations. [Source:]

Although most celebrities are firmly on board with the #MeToo movement, former “Star Trek” actor William Shatner has officially had enough, and he decided to speak out on the controversy surrounding “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The 87-year-old took to Twitter on Tuesday to urge fans to call into CBC radio after it announced that it would remove the holiday song from the airwaves to demand they play it.

“Call in to CBC radio all day and get them to play ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ over and over until midnight!” Shatner wrote.

According to Page Six, the former “T.J. Hooker” lead continued to engage with fans on the issue, explaining that he’s worried about the “myopic glasses” that the classic song is being viewed through in 2018.

“C’mon Bill. Isn’t there something, anything, you can find that is more important to rally for?” one Twitter user questioned.

“I would think that censorship of classics because certain ‘types’ need to judge things through their own 2018 myopic glasses and demand they be stricken from history is important. Or is this 1984 only 34 years too late?” the star shot back.

It appears that Shatner isn’t the only person fed-up with the fragile snowflakes who would like to see a holiday classic trashed just because the lyrics feature a persistent male intent on convincing his date to stay inside with him for just a little bit longer. After an untold amount of listeners made their feelings known, radio stations which had previously shelved the tune were forced to reverse their decision.

96.5 KOIT has returned the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside to its Christmas music playlist.   After hearing from thousands of Bay Area listeners via polling, phone calls, emails and social media, KOIT has concluded that the vast majority consider the song to be a valuable part of their holiday tradition, and they still want to hear it on the radio. [Source:]

“KOIT’s listeners have spoken, and the overwhelming message is they do want to hear Baby, It’s Cold Outside on our station, as they have throughout the years,” said KOIT Program Director Brian Figula. “More than seven out of every ten listeners who responded said although some lyrics of the song may reflect a different era and a different sensibility than today, still they love the tradition and history of the song, and want to hear it as part of their holiday season.”

“At KOIT, we always listen carefully when our listeners take time to comment.  In this case, it was very obvious what they wanted us to do,” added Figula.

Earlier this year, Shatner released his first ever Christmas album, “Shatner Claus,” in which he collaborates with several other musicians to cover a slew of classic holiday songs. If you support his stance on “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” share this post with your friends on social media.

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