Rapinoe: POTUS Hates ‘Powerful Strong Women,’ Pro-Trump Dad Doesn’t Agree

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Megan Rapinoe, the leftwing USA women’s soccer player, is once again trashing President Donald Trump hoping to stir up trouble. In Rapinoe’s recent interview, she insisted that the U.S. women’s team is “everything [Trump] loves with the exception that we’re powerful, strong women.” Well, the interview went sideways when they brought up her family and especially her Trump-supporting father and his views. You’ll love this.

U.S. Women’s National Team’s controversial star Megan Rapinoe is again on the attack against President Trump, this time in a recent interview rehashing her Twitter “feud” with the president.

Rapinoe insisted that the U.S. women’s team is “everything he loves with the exception that we’re powerful, strong women,” The Hill reported.

The World Cup-winning team’s co-captain added that Trump was having a hard time deciding how to approach her team.

“And he was having a really hard time – you could see in these sets of tweets: you hate us, you love us, you want us to come [to the White House] – and you are threatening us, all at the same time,” she said.

Rapinoe did say that she worried that her feud with Trump might negatively affect her team, especially when she began yelling that she would never go to the “f*cking White House.”

It seems poor Rapinoe has an authority complex where she sees powerful men as her number one enemy. She told the interviewer she has “issues with authority” which many psychologists say starts with the person’s own father.

“When there’s a person who is abusing their power or manipulating people, whether it’s a teacher when I was younger or Donald Trump now, there’s nothing that fires me up and grinds my gears more. I was just like: ‘No. That’s not happening,'” the soccer star stated.

That’s when she brought up her own father who she admitted was a hardcore supporter of President Trump. Rapinoe also confessed that her other family members also voted for the president. Rapinoe declared her constant anti-Trump tirades did cause “a little stress” in the family.

“There’s been some major blow-ups. There’s definitely been some dust-ups,” she said of her relationship with her dad. Still, she claimed that she still talks to her family despite their voting habits.

Rapinoe then spoke about her parents and their politics while talking about their reaction to finding out that she was a lesbian.

“I was like: ‘You guys need to get on board or get out.’ We had some tense times, but it came down to, ‘You’re either in this or not,’” Rapinoe said.

The USWNT World Cup star also expressed dismay that her parents weren’t “progressives.”

“Both of my parents should be really progressive – especially my mom – and I don’t get that they’re not. I’m always saying: ‘You guys should really be Democrats!’ But they’re not, so what’s happening?”

Indeed, she can’t understand how her family can want to vote for Trump when she is such an out and proud lesbian activist.

“I don’t get it. How are you simultaneously as proud as punch of me, and watching Fox News all the time, [who are doing] takedowns of your daughter? That’s why I’m like: ‘You guys need to go to therapy,’” Rapinoe said of her family.

Wow, that’s really rich coming from a woman with purple hair who runs around saying “F*ck Trump” on national TV. These leftists love to transfer their own issues onto others saying everyone else is screwed up in the head.

Americans weighed in on Rapinoe’s recent interview, and it wasn’t pretty.

“That explains it all, Daddy issues. LOL,” tweeted Twitter user “Vinny.”

“So her parents don’t judge her and accept her for who she is, but she daily tries to get them to change who they are??? This is conservatives vs liberals in a bottle,” tweeted Gretchen Hebert.

“I love how she has no idea how her parents support her while disagreeing with her. Progressives cannot EVER agree to disagree, it’s either you are ‘on board’ or you’re a nazi. Liberals have the market cornered on closed-mindedness. Imagine wondering why your parents love you! Smh,” tweeted “FactsTrumpIdealolgy.”

Indeed, Megan Rapinoe’s family seems to genuinely love and support her. Yet, the controversial soccer player proves by her own statements that she is the one who is not “tolerant.” 

It says much more about her than it does her father and family that she “can’t understand” why they would vote for Trump and at the same time they love and accept her. Maybe if she took the time and shut her own piehole long enough they could explain she’s brainwashed when it comes to the president. Isn’t that the most logical explanation?

However, Rapinoe could never admit that. If she admitted all this talk about “bad orange man” doesn’t mesh with her family members history and character, she would be ostracized by the hardcore gay activists and their leftwing cohorts who have lavished her with fame.

The truth is staring Rapinoe in the face every time she eats dinner with mom and dad, but she isn’t strong enough to stand up and be counted as a true warrior for America. That’s why so many in this country can’t stand her phony act as her 15 minutes of fame runs out.

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