Rapper Turned ISIS Gets His Just Desserts, Here’s How He Met His 72 Virgins

A rapper known as “Deso Dogg” has long abandoned his aspirations of fame to take up a rifle and fight alongside the barbaric ISIS fighting force. Unfortunately for him, reports indicate he just met his 72 goats virgins – and here’s how he made the trip.

Originally born Denis Cuspert, the rapper from Germany made headlines when he traveled to the Middle East to fight with Islamic terrorists in 2012. He took up the name Abu Talha al-Almani and quickly became an ISIS poster boy as a successful Western recruit.

Earlier this year, the rapper was listed as a “specially designated global terrorist” by the State Department. Furthermore, they detailed that Denis was “emblematic of the type of foreign recruit” ISIS sought and was a “willing pitchman” for the terrorist organization’s “atrocities.”

Denis Cuspert, German rapper known as “Desso Dog”

Even Mad World News has reported several times on the man, including past rumors of his death. Oddly enough, it seems that he’s been able to avoid being sent to meet his true maker, but that luck has just run out. According to a report released by the Pentagon, he’s now gone for good, proving that if you play stupid games, you most certainly will win stupid prizes.

According to Department of Defense spokeswoman Elissa Smith, Denis died after members of the anti-ISIS coalition dropped a bomb on him in an October 16 airstrike near Raqqa, Syria. “Cuspert was a foreign terrorist fighter and operative for ISIL who used social media to take advantage of disaffected youth and potential Western recruits,” she went on to say. “He publicly threatened the President of the United States and German citizens; he also encouraged Western Muslims to conduct attacks.”

Denis Cuspert, German rapper known as “Desso Dog” after taking the name Abu Talha al-Almani to fight along ISIS

As I sit here, I can’t help but to wonder if it was in fact the American coalition that was responsible for his death, or if it was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s planes that were responsible. After all, we’ve been reporting on him for quite some time now, and he’s been able to stay alive under the less-than-threatening strategy of President Barack Obama.

I just find it funny that a short time after Russia gets involved, this guy finally gets his just desserts.

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