Tlaib Getting Sued For $2M After Freaking Out & Accosting Trump Supporter

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib finds herself in hot water today after the conservative organization called Freedom Watch filed a $2 million dollar lawsuit against the Michigan Congresswoman for accosting a female supporter of President Donald Trump. Tlaib freaked out after the woman working as a citizen journalist asked her one question about the terrorist organization Hamas. It was all caught on video by a bystander. You don’t want to miss this.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib accosts Trump supporter Laura Loomer & grabs the conservative activist’s phone (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Last August, Rashida Tlaib was campaigning along with her good buddy Ilhan Omar at an event in Minneapolis when known Trump supporter Laura Loomer, who also works as a freelance conservative journalist, calmly attempted to ask the then-congressional candidate a question.

“Since you’re going to be the first Palestinian-Muslim…” Loomer said as she is cut off by Ilhan Omar, who grabbed Tlaib as they both turn their backs on the Trump supporter. Tlaib then turned toward Loomer and said, “Sorry.”

But that was just the beginning of this debacle. 

“Oh, I can tell,” said Tlaib to bystanders pointing at Loomer. “I actually like people like her,” said the Michigan Congresswoman as she accosted Loomer and took her phone away. Loomer seemed to regain possession of her phone in the scuttle and continued to ask the question Rashida apparently didn’t like.

“Rashida, are you willing to admit as a congresswoman that Hamas is a terrorist organization?” Loomer asked while standing about two feet away from Tlaib who refused to answer the question. One caucasian man in his mid-thirties rudely told Loomer, “We don’t like the questions you’re asking.”

“I’m now going to be a member of congress, inshallah,” said Tlaib which means: “If Allah wills it.”

Loomer shouted out, “What about Israel? Are you going to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?”

Loomer also brought up female genital mutilation in reference to Ilhan Omar, who refused to answer. The conservative journalist then brought up Omar’s alleged marriage to her brother.

“She married her brother. Ilhan, why did you marry your brother?” asked Loomer who was then questioned by a male bystander who said, “That’s up to the government.”

Being that this campaign event was held in Minneapolis and this man is completely unfazed by Loomer’s accusations that Omar married her biological brother is quite telling. A few Muslims in the Minneapolis community are cited by conservative journalists for coming forward to provide the back story.

It’s illegal to forcefully touch or grab at another person. Battery is a type of criminal charge that involves the unauthorized application of force against another person’s body, which results in offensive touching or actual physical injury.

Now, Rep. Tlaib is facing a $2 million lawsuit filed by Freedom Watch. 

Freedom Watch has been highly instrumental in obtaining classified documents in relation to the Russian hoax. Their team of attorneys isn’t anything to take lightly. If Freedom Watch is coming for you, it is only with good cause.

“Freedom Watch, the conservative group that filed the lawsuit, says that Loomer is suing Tlaib not for political purposes, but to hold the congresswoman accountable for her ‘unhinged hatred for Jews and Israel,”‘ reports CBS Minnesota.

According to the lawsuit, Tlaib “violently grabbed” the phone as Loomer was working as a journalist, seeking to understand Tlaib’s positions on Israel and Palestine. (Tlaib is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants; Loomer is Jewish), they added.

The complaint alleges Tlaib, a vehement anti-Semite and vowed opponent of Israel’s right to exist, assaulted and battered conservative female Jewish journalist Laura Loomer during a campaign event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for Tlaib’s fellow anti-Semitic ally Ilhan Omar, when the two were running for US Congress in 2018.

Larry Klayman, former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor will be heading up the case.

“The nation needs to thank my client Laura Loomer for having the courage to take legal action against someone who has bragged that the Holocaust gives her a ‘calming feeling,”‘ said Klayman.

“Few in this country will stand up to the forces of evil and Ms. Loomer is a stellar and shining example of what former President John F. Kennedy, Jr., wrote about in his famous book ‘Profiles in Courage,'” Klayman added.

Ms. Loomer, who is now running for US Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, has been banned from social media platforms and is attempting to remedy that in court.

District of Columbia Court of Appeals agreed on Wednesday to hear the merits of a lawsuit Loomer filed accusing Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter of colluding to “intentionally and willfully suppress politically conservative content.”

These anti-Semitic Congresswomen like Tlaib and Omar enjoy all the great media coverage from the mainstream media who treat them like the new darlings of the Democratic Party. Here’s hoping Freedom Watch is successful in bringing Tlaib to justice.

It’s high time conservatives and all Trump supporters are allowed to voice our opinions without the interference of big tech companies, and it’s also time the left learn you can’t accost someone just because you don’t like what they are saying in public.

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