‘Reckless’ Repo Man Gets Prison For Death Of Utah Mother

A “reckless” repo man is paying the price for his decisions after a repossession turned tragic. He just got sentenced for the death of a Utah mother, and the ruling is controversial, to say the least.

A judge in Utah has given Kenneth Lee Drew the maximum sentence allowed under state law for the death of Ashleigh Best, wife and mother of three, who was fatally injured during a high-speed chase in May.

According to a report by The Salt Lake Tribune, the prosecution made a recommendation to the court, suggesting only a fine and jail time, but 4th District Court Judge Robert Lunnen sentenced 50-year-old Drew to one to fifteen years in Utah State prison.

Kenneth Lee Drew (center)

According to a report by Daily Mail, Kenneth Lee Drew pleaded guilty to manslaughter and admitted that he caused the death of 35-year-old Ashleigh best. As part of his pleading guilty to the 2nd-degree felony, prosecutors did not ask Judge Robert Lunnen for a prison sentence. The judge gave Drew a week to put his affairs in order and report to authorities to begin serving his sentence.

In an interview, Ashleigh Best’s husband, Brennan Best said, “I’m extremely happy,” adding, “I think that the facts of the case couldn’t be overlooked. The facts are that he chased my wife 12 blocks, put her into a tree and killed her. And he has to answer for that. My answering is that I lost my wife. My wife lost her life. My children have lost their parents. I’m just a shell of what I was. Today, there is just a little victory.”

Drew left the courthouse trying to avoid reporters and photographers while covering his face. During the sentencing, Drew expressed remorse, saying, “This was an unfortunate accident, and I do apologize to the family.” He continued, “There was no intent for anything to happen.”

According to police, the incident began when Drew showed up to the Best’s home with his tow truck and tried to box in their Lincoln Navigator. Ashleigh Best maneuvered her SUV around Drew’s tow truck and that is when the fatal high-speed chase began that ended with her death. Reportedly, both vehicles we traveling at speeds of over 70 mph.

Loni DeLand, Drew’s defense attorney, told the court during the hearing that there was no question her client was behaving recklessly. However, she believed the crash could have been caused by either party due to the fact that Ashleigh Best had traces of anti-anxiety medicine and methadone in her blood.

Drew will begin his one to fifteen-year sentence a week from now.

Whether the man deserves jail time seems to be a point of debate with some saying Ashleigh Best is responsible for her own death since she’s the one who made the decision to try to outrun the repo man after failing to maintain financial commitments for her vehicle. Those feeling this way allege that Drew was just doing his job. However, others feel that engaging in a high-speed chase took things too far and that Drew is now getting what he deserves. Tell us your thoughts when you share this article.

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