Liberals Notice Red Button On Trump’s Desk, Go Crazy Over What It Does

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Liberals Notice A Red Button On Trump's Desk, Go Bonkers Over What It Does
Pictured: President Donald Trump’s desk (Photo credit: AP)

President Donald Trump is the nightmare of most Democrats and some establishment Republicans. He came to Washington, D.C., to get things done rather than to get rich. Given his extraordinary success, liberals work overtime, trying to find ways to discredit him, and the discovery of a red button found on his desk is one great example.

A recent liberal hit piece was published by Mirror, and it starts out like this:

Donald Trump has now been President of the United States of America for more than 100 days. Sorry about that.

You might suggest the self-proclaimed billionaire hasn’t done a great deal in that time. He’s signed a few executive orders, played some golf. Eaten some Big Macs…

The president’s appreciation for fast food goes further than food alone. He loves a can of Coca Cola, too.

So much so that Trump reportedly has a ‘red button’ in the Oval Office especially for it. One push and a butler arrives with a cold can of the famous fizzy drink.

The button was discovered after it was mentioned in an Associated Press article that details Trump’s first 100 days in office.

Later, Business Insider explained how the button was discovered:

When hosting the Associated Press at the oval office, Trump showed the reporters the red button, which sits in a rectangular wooden box. After pressing it a butler promptly arrived with a Coke for the president, the news wire service reported.

Of course, liberals are trying as hard as they can to discredit Trump over his affinity for the soft drink.

President Donald Trump’s use of the red button to get a soft drink, for most of us, is not something to be upset about. We all know that the President of the United States has a number of household staff who do things like prepare food and deliver drinks.

The real story is the desperation of liberals and their friends in the media and their attempts to discredit Trump. He has been in office a few months and, so far, has a strong record of success. Perhaps liberals are upset that they have been unable to successfully brand Trump a “racist” or a “sexist,” despite their best efforts. Trump has broken the paradigm in corrupt Washington, D.C., and to the dismay of the liberal community, he is just getting started.