WATCH: Redneck Shoots Explosive-Filled Fridge, Forgets 1 Thing Before Pulling Trigger

Viral footage shows a man shooting at a refrigerator filled with explosives.

A viral video posted online shows a man firing a rifle at a refrigerator stocked with the explosive Tannerite. However, the shooter severely miscalculated one thing before pulling the trigger, and it nearly cost him his life.

The footage, which has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, sees the shooter positioning himself behind a small tree approximately 50 yards from the refrigerator, which had been filled with Tannerite.

Tannerite is easy to come by, as the exploding target is sold in many locations and geared towards gun owners. Although this was probably not the man’s first experience with the explosive, it almost turned out to be his last, as he sorely underestimated the distance away from his target where he should take cover.

After positioning the explosive-filled refrigerator and taking cover behind a tree approximate 50 yards away, the man in the video can be seen aiming a rifle at his target. If he thought he would be safe behind the tree to watch his refrigerator explode in all its glory, he was very, very wrong.

Unfortunately for the shooter, the force of the explosion sends the door of the fridge screaming toward him. Luckily for him, he was standing behind a tree.

The fridge door flew by the left side of the tree as the gunman nervously stepped toward the right side of the tree. The video went viral, generating over 235,000 views on YouTube. [Source: Daily Mail]

WARNING: The video below contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

As the shooter swerves to narrowly miss being hit by the refrigerator door, bystanders can be heard reacting to his near-death experience. “Oh sh*t!” exclaimed one person in the background of the video.

“That f*cking door was coming right for you, dude!” exclaimed another, according to NDTV. Their shock was well-placed, as they had just seen their friend come within inches of being killed by a flying refrigerator door.

This viral video should serve as a warning for others who enjoy similar activities. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking a thrill through explosives and firearms, especially if you have the land to do so, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions.

This man vastly underestimated the force which would be created by the amount of Tannerite he put inside the refrigerator, and it nearly cost him his life. Had be been standing just one foot to the left, his family would be planning a funeral today instead of laughing at his viral video. Gun safety is an important part of enjoying firearms, and one which is imperative, not negotiable.

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