Reebok Lectures Trump On Objectifying Women, Backfires When People See What’s In Their Pic

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Reebok Lectures Trump On Objectifying Women, Backfires When People See What’s In Their Pic
President Donald Trump (left), Reebok’s attempt at lecturing the president (right)

Liberals were outraged when President Donald Trump gave a compliment to the French First Lady, saying that his remarks were “sexist.” In fact, Reebok most recently hopped on the bandwagon, even going so far as to lecture the president on objectifying women – but too bad for them, it immediately blew up in their face when shocked viewers saw what was in their smug instructional photo the entire time.

As most of the world is aware, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump recently traveled to France in order to celebrate Bastille Day. However, leftists used the opportunity to do what they do best and attacked the president, and a compliment given by him seemed to provide liberals with the perfect opportunity to launch yet another assault.

For those unaware, Trump complimented the 64-year-old French First Lady, saying she was “in good physical shape” and “beautiful.” Now, normally such words would be welcomed, unless, of course, you’re an obsessed liberal looking to pick a fight.

Before long, the entire left had banded together to attack Trump’s “sexist” and “misogynistic” comments. As we’ve seen, a few companies have even begun to dabble in political opinion.

Proving just that most recently is Reebok, as the company decided that they would lecture the president on how to properly speak to women. According to The American Mirror, they released a flow chart that showed Trump how not to objectify women by saying they’re “in shape” or “beautiful.”

Too bad for them, it almost immediately blew up in their faces as people quickly noticed what was lurking in the instructional photograph the entire time – a heaping dose of hypocrisy. Although most people told the Reebok marketing team, in no uncertain terms, to stick to making shoes and to keep their mouths shut, comedian Jim Norton opted for a different approach, IJ Review reports.

As it turns out, Reebok has been complicit in their fair share of objectifying women, but there’s just one thing that makes them even worse. You see, Reebok does that which they condemned Trump for in order to make money. With several advertisement campaigns showing women scantily clad, if they’re not downright naked, it seems that Reebok may have wanted to take a look in the mirror before opening their fat traps to spew their self-righteous, politically-motivated rhetoric.

Reebok Lectures Trump On Objectifying Women, Backfires When People See What’s In Their Pic
Reebok’s advertisement

Of course, before long, people were using the term “fake news” to dish out quite a nasty pun that the company most likely didn’t enjoy too much:

Selective moral outrage does not look good on anyone. However, the left seems to be making a fashion statement of the practice lately as they’re seen wearing it around with pride these days. In all honesty, there is right, and there is wrong – and wrong should always be condemned.

With that being said, offering a flattering compliment is nothing more than just that and really has no place in the complaint department. At this rate, the left better wake up because the more they complain, the more they render themselves irrelevant.