Refugee Films Himself Brutally Beating Toddler, Has 5 SICK Words For Cops

Refugee Films Himself Brutally Beating Toddler, Has 5 SICK Words For Cops
A Syrian refugee told police just 5 words after they arrested him for the brutal torture of his 3-year-old son in a refugee camp.

After a Syrian Muslim asylum seeker filmed himself horrifically torturing and beating his 3-year-old son in the shower of a refugee camp, authorities quickly arrested the depraved migrant. However, as soon as police questioned him about the gut-wrenching video, the refugee had just 5 words to excuse the sickening abuse.

The left desperately wants you to believe that Syrian refugees are war-torn innocents who are simply looking for relief. They are always portrayed as victims. With selective photos of crying, dirt-covered children, they sway the masses to believe that when we open our borders, we are only taking in helpless minors and disadvantaged families who are fleeing from oppressors. We are never told that these individuals are often the ones doing the oppressing.

A shocking video that highlights what really goes on in refugee camps is circulating the web, even though social media outlets are repeatedly removing it. First reported by Greece’s Direct News, the footage captures a 32-year-old Syrian refugee, whose picture has been released without his name, severely beating and torturing his 3-year-old son. The father, whose relation was proven through DNA testing, has repeatedly abused his child while other Muslim refugees stood by without ever intervening.

Refugee Films Himself Brutally Beating Toddler, Has 5 SICK Words For Cops
Other Muslim refugees have repeatedly witnessed the man beating his child but have never intervened because their prophet Muhammad commanded fathers to beat their children while teaching them how to pray.

Upon his arrest on Tuesday, the Syrian refugee told Chios police that he was videotaping himself beating his son to “convince his wife to migrate.” The abuser had sent the footage to his wife, who remains in Turkey with their other child, in an attempt to blackmail her into traveling to be with him in Greece’s Souda Chios camp, according to Top News. Authorities now suspect that the refugee has ties to the Islamic State.

Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of the footage, we must warn readers to watch at their own discretion. Our decision to include this video is to shed light on the harsh reality that mainstream media often censor for a more favorable view of migrants that fits their open borders agenda.

What you just witnessed is a real child refugee, and the horrors they undergo are overlooked by leftists because it proves that the persecution they suffer is too often at the hands of their own loved ones. The oppression and violence Muslim migrants claim to be fleeing is perpetuated within their own homes, and it has nothing to do with a misunderstanding in culture or a lack of education. This is the true face of Islam.

Leftist apologists can deny all they want, but this exact abuse is specifically commanded in Islamic texts straight from the pulpit of the prophet Muhammad himself. According to the hadith, which is the compilation of Muhammad’s teachings in correlation with the Quran, he told his followers to beat their children regardless of their behavior.

Abu Dawood (459) and Ahmad (6650) narrated from ‘Amr ibn Shu’ayb from his father that his grandfather said: The Messenger of Allaah (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) said: “Teach your children to pray when they are seven years old, and smack them (lightly) if they do not pray when they are 10 years old, and separate them in their beds.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Irwa’ (247).

Conveniently, scholars later added the word “lightly” to make their prophet seem less barbaric. Still, the word itself is defined by the reader and doesn’t excuse the fact that the messenger of Allah is commanding them to inflict physical abuse on their young children.

Even the most educated Islamic scholars agree that it should cause pain to the child but “should not be more than ten blows.” This is so that the child associates missing or messing up prayers and exhibiting un-Islamic behavior with physical pain. It is merely brainwashing through torture to ensure religious devotion.

Of course, these abused children often grow up to abuse their own children. And why not? Muhammad himself prescribed it, and only he has the authority to relay the will of Allah. In short, nothing Muhammad said or did can be viewed by Muslims as anything other than perfect and Islamic.

Although there undoubtedly are real refugees who simply want to escape this type of abuse and would never perpetuate it, we are welcoming in millions of adherents of a religion that demands violence. We are asking those who must use heinous physical assault in order to even obey their god and prophet to assimilate and coexist peacefully with us.

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