Refugee Gang Rapists Run Screaming When Lady Pulls Out Her ‘Secret Weapon’

A woman was taking a Sunday morning stroll through a wooded area when three male asylum seekers decided to restrain her, strip off her clothes, and brutally gang rape her. However, just before they could carry out their heinous assault, they found out the only reason she was walking alone in the woods in the first place was that she has an effective “secret weapon.”

When 3 Middle Eastern asylum seekers spotted a woman walking on a wooded trail, they mistakenly suspected she’d be an easy target for gang rape.

Thanks to the left’s multicultural agenda, Denmark is quickly becoming a cesspool of migrant crime. What used to be a vibrant tourist destination is now filled with dangerous refugee ghettos in which asylum seekers, mostly Muslim men, are creating Sharia-ruled no-go zones that are dangerous to non-Muslims and especially women. Fortunately, under Denmark’s relatively strict gun control, one woman found a way to protect herself against migrant rape when she wasn’t able to arm herself.

According to the Norwegian Defense League, a 41-year-old woman was walking through a heavily wooded area at around 9 a.m. Sunday when 3 Middle Eastern migrant men approached her with sinister plans. Hoping to rape the woman, the first asylum seeker grabbed her and began dragging her away from the jogging path. The second migrant decided to take his turn first, groping her privates as she struggled to fight off the pair. Unfortunately for the 3 attackers, it was their third rapist who made the mistake of “provoking” the victim’s hidden defense — her loyal canine companion.

The woman had been walking her dog on the overgrown path, and when she began struggling, the pooch’s instincts kicked in. The dog suddenly realized that his owner was in danger when the third migrant attempted to remove the leash from the woman’s hand, prompting the angry canine to attack, sinking his fangs into the refugee’s thigh.

As soon as the dog latched onto the migrant, his cowardly friends ran away screaming, leaving their wounded accomplice behind. The third migrant finally managed to free himself from the dog’s jaws, joining his terrified associates in fleeing the scene. Thanks to the faithful dog, the woman was saved from a horrific gang rape and possibly worse.

Refugee Gang Rapists Run Screaming When Lady Pulls Out Her 'Secret Weapon'
The woman wasn’t alone but was walking her dog, which sank its teeth into one of the migrants’ thighs, causing the others to flee.

Danish online newspaper Lokal Avisen reports that North Zealand Police described the attackers as dark-skinned Middle Eastern men between the ages of 20 and 25. Even though they were undoubtedly migrants from Muslim countries, the woman reported that each of them spoke either English or Danish, proving that even assimilation doesn’t trump their deeply ingrained religious and cultural compulsions.

Incredibly, this brave Danish woman isn’t the first to use her beloved pet as a means of self-defense. Mad World News reported in February that when an 18-year-old woman was being attacked by a young Muslim man in Turkey, she unleashed her ruthless house cat on the sexual predator.

In 2014, a 20-year-old Turk forced his way into the young lady’s home, planning to rape the teen and flee before anyone found out. Unfortunately for him, when he attacked the woman, he roused the little white feline’s uncontrollable fury. The cat, called Minnos, jumped onto the attacker and relentlessly clawed and bit him until he finally fled. Incredibly, it was Minnos’ bite and scratch marks that led police to identify the attacker before he could carry out another crime.

While it’s inspiring to see a typically passive species show such dedication and passion for their owner, having a dog fend off a Muslim attacker is much more humiliating to the religion of peace. In the hadith, the Islamic prophet Muhammad often referred to dogs as devils and repeatedly commanded that all dogs should be killed. The superstitious messenger of Allah even condemned his wife for taking in a helpless puppy, claiming that the vile creature caused the angels to stay away from his residence.

Sadly, this hatred of dogs isn’t the only practice plaguing European countries that are resettling migrants. Rape is skyrocketing in Denmark with each new wave of migrants. Each day, at least 8 Danish women are raped or sexually assaulted, however, only a tiny minority report these attacks. Many fear retaliation from the migrant community or being labeled racists by the left. Even more victims feel that reporting to the police is pointless, as the government places heavy restrictions on authorities regarding charging migrant criminals.

As long as we continue to welcome in these migrants, we will reap the very same brutality that oppresses their own countries.

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