Refugee Rapes Teen, Drags Her To River To Drown — Then A Miracle Happens

Refugee Rapes Teen, Drags Her To River To Drown — Then A Miracle Happens
After a Muslim asylum seeker raped a teen girl multiple times, he dragged her down to the river to drown her.

A Muslim asylum seeker pulled a 17-year-old girl from her bicycle, raping her multiple times before deciding to “dispose” of the evidence. However, when he dragged her traumatized body down to the river to drown her, something happened that’s nothing short of a miracle.

As Europe welcomes in millions of unscreened migrants, mostly from Muslim countries, they welcome in the same barbaric values and practices rampant in their home countries. These cultural clashes include everything from child marriage to mass sexual assault. Of course, the left is there to immediately denounce any criticism of the migrant offenders. After all, if it’s there culture or religion that condones such evil, who are we to judge?

The Express reports that a 17-year-old girl was viciously attacked by a 33-year-old Sudanese asylum seeker after he passed up dozens of safe countries for refuge in the Netherlands. The migrant snatched the teen from her bicycle and brought her to a secluded area. He then proceeded to rape her multiple times, but he wasn’t done with her yet.

Hoping to dispose of her, he dragged the girl down to a river in Kampen. He planned to drown her, which should’ve been relatively easily since she was already so weak. The migrant held the child underwater and waited until she ceased struggling, believing she was dead. Miraculously, she hadn’t died, but the unsuspecting refugee left her body and fled the scene.

The girl was later picked up and rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was treated and remains in stable condition. Although she is recovering from the physical injuries, she will never fully heal from the mental trauma of the horrific attack.

The prosecutor admitted that the refugee lived in a nearby asylum center and targeted the girl because of her close proximity to his residence. Locals are reportedly fearful after the incident, especially since the road from which the girl was abducted is routinely used by women walking or cycling to and from town.

Refugee Rapes Teen, Drags Her To River To Drown — Then A Miracle Happens
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is flooding the Netherlands with Muslim migrants, but it’s his citizens who are having to deal with the effects of “multiculturalism.”

“We have seen a lot of anger on social media. If it is needed, we are prepared to take measures against individuals or groups who might take matters into their own hands.”

The locals are angry, and rightfully so. These attacks are far too common in areas with refugee settlement, and residents are realizing that it has finally come to their neighborhood. Dutch Party of Freedom leader Geert Wilders is reminding liberal authorities that conservatives have warned this very thing would happen.

“When our PM allowed them all into our country and I said they were testosterone bombs, they laughed at me,” he said. “Now they are after our daughters.”

Wilders has called for a halt to immigration and has purposed a ban on the Quran, which contains over 100 scriptures commanding violence against non-Muslims. Of course, the left has demanded his silence, refusing to believe that even though the Islamic prophet Muhammad modeled these barbaric scriptures, it can’t be the proper interpretation of Islam.

Muhammad himself took unbelieving women as sex slaves, declaring that all Muslim men should do the same to fulfill jihad. He told his own men that they should impregnate the women they’d captured, even in front of their defeated husbands. Of course, these “times of war” to which Muslims refer to excuse their prophet’s sadistic behavior are outlined by Allah as any time in which there are still people who practice a religion other than Islam.

As most of the countries from which refugees are fleeing, Sudan has a 97-percent Muslim population. Its legal system is based on Sharia law because its Muslim citizens demand it, as they are required by Allah. This adherence perpetuates the same oppression and slaughter in Sudan as it does in every Muslim-majority nation, yet liberals wish to welcome in these migrants at unbridled numbers.

It’s merely common sense to believe that inviting in the worshipers of a barbaric political ideology also means embracing whatever savagery they follow.

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